Fixes and New Features

Sandra Fiser  |  4/1/2016 7:10:47 PM

NEW FEATURE: Analytics for each user's own content has been integrated into the dashboard. Users can click through to the full report that list all content on which that user has been added as an author, owner, or POC.

NEW FEATURE: Topics pages can now be edited and expanded by all users.

NEW FEATURE: New messages on the status of CMS are visible on the dashboard. Just to the right of the analytics graphic on the dashboard (or under it on a mobile device) you can read the latest news and updates about ongoing development, new features, bug fixes, and know issues as well as the latest training dates and resources.

NEW FEATURE: Profile pages can now be edited and expanded by all users.

IMPROVEMENT: The character limit on the description field has been increased to 160 from 140.

NEW FEATURE: You can now add an "Accordion Panel" that will create a list that expands to reveal embedded content.

FIXED: Lock/Versions buttons in Page Actions bar is unusable on mobile.

IMPROVED: Image on Publication module is now linkable.

IMPROVED: A new edit button allows images to be edited from the media gallery grid view in page editor.

IMPROVED: Dropdown links were added to the "Publications" link in the top menu.

FIXED: Breadcrumbs have been truncated to make more readable and user-friendly.

FIXED: Old CMS URLs now consistently point to the location in the new system.

FIXED: There was a bug that didn't allow content to be saved in the content module.

FIXED: Changing the article title no longer changes the page URL.

NEW FEATURE: A newsletter module was added to help create sectioned content.

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