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  • When bolding, italicizing, or resizing text, select bold, italicize or the size first before pasting or typing your text into the Content module instead of after.
  • When uploading files or images, make sure there are no special characters such as !@#$%^&*().,, etc., in the name of the file. Rename the file and remove the special characters and upload again.
  • When replacing a document or image in our system, make sure to name the new document or image a slightly different name from the old document. If you upload a document with the same name as the old document, our system will default back to the old document.
  • If automatic double spacing presents an issue and single spacing is preferred, at the end of the sentence or line of text, hold down the “Shift” and “Enter” keys at the same time.
  • After submitting a page, if you "Click here to check out this article," the page will be placed in Draft mode, and will be removed from our workflow because the system thinks you are making further changes. Make sure to submit again whether you made any changes or not.
  • When you edit an existing page and "Click here to check out this article," our system locks it in your name so that no one else can work on the same page at the same time. Always submit the page whether you made any changes or not and it will unlock once the page is published.
  • If you encounter a page that is locked, send a link to and we will unlock it for you.
  • When submitting your page to be published, in the Comment section, either send a short description of the update you have made to the page or if you had any issues, send a brief description of the issue you are having or if you have had several issues, send an email.
  • If a row with a module won’t go to the location you want, either contact me or add a new row at the top or at the bottom and either drag and drop the module or add a new module.
  • When using images with text, limit the text to 125 characters or less so that it can be added to the alt text. Currently, screen readers cannot read text on images. If you create a page that has an image with more than 125 characters of text, you must include that same text somewhere else on the page. Then to a sighted person, they’re seeing duplicate information.
5/10/2022 9:10:00 PM
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