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Callen Cranfield  |  5/16/2016 5:28:58 PM

  • Ability to edit photo sliders
  • A new feature will be added that will allow users to make various changes and updates to the website by sending email to the system.
  • Short URLs (website addresses) will be implemented across the site, removing user names from the URL.

  • Ability to sort lists of files, images, links, etc. in collection components.
  • Ability to view expired content in the “Explorer” section.
  • Ability to sort content in the “Explorer” and “My Articles” sections.
  • Increased period of inactive time allowed before a user is logged out of the system automatically.
  • Email notifications to users when submitted content is published.
  • Publication module
  • Newsletter module
  • Editing capability for Topic portals and other portal pages. These will become editable by non-IT employees (just like regular pages.)
  • Editing capability for profiles.
  • Individualized analytics will be incorporated on the dashboard.
  • A new Publications module that enhances the process for adding new and editing existing publication pages
    • Streamlined entry process to include all relevant publication information in one interface, including an area to include the full publication text.
    • Includes support for collections of publications
  • Adding the ability to rapidly create custom newsletters.
  • Enhanced formatting options for tables
  • Update pages to use PostDate as the principle means of sorting in lists.
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