How to Participate in National Youth Science Day: Rockets to the Rescue

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The Iberia 4-H Set Club is on the map with their event the evening of Oct 8th.

Are you and your 4-H’ers ready to rock it with rockets?

The 4-H National Youth Science Day (NYSD) is Tuesday, October 8. During this exciting annual event, thousands of youth across the country conduct the national science experiment, an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Developed by the University of Arizona, the 2014 National Science Experiment is Rockets to the Rescue! Students will build and launch their own rockets and learn about rocket science and aerospace engineering.

So how do you get your 4-H youth involved?

5. Order a 2014 National Youth Science Day Kit . Each kit is designed for use with up to 10 youths, ages 10 and up.

4. Watch this informational video on how to put the rocket together before trying it with your 4-H youth.

3. Put your 4-H club on the map! Register your 4-H Youth Science Day Event on the official website.

2. Promote your event using bookmarks, flyers, and social media tools - all of which can be found on the NYSD website.

1. Blast off!

9/26/2014 1:02:46 AM
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