5 Great Ideas to Jumpstart Your 4-H Club Year

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1. Icebreaker Marathon

Don't just do icebreaker activities during the beginning of your first meeting. Instead have an icebreaker marathon! During this marathon all the 4-H'ers will have the chance to get to know each other really well, building a foundation of friendship and sense of belonging. Check out our Louisiana 4-H Pinterest page for leadership games and activities and energizing icebreakers.

2. Movie Night

Pop some popcorn and watch movies that will inspire the youth to make the best better throughout their 4-H year. We like Fern Gully and Hoot but really there are hundreds of possibilities. What movies inspire you?

3. Water Day

Let the 4-H'ers cool down and do some water balloon teambuilding activities that will wash away any shyness.

4. Hold Officer Elections

For an overview of 4-H club officers, check out the new School and Key Leader Guide section on officers and committees. There are also great resources for leaders on how to hold officer elections on the LSU AgCenter website.

5. Service Event

"I Pledge... my hands to larger service." Why not start the year off with an event that shows what 4-H is truly about. Let the 4-H'ers see that they can make a difference in their community at any age.

Check out 4-H Meeting Ideas for more inspiration.

9/12/2014 12:40:38 AM
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