10 Must Haves of a 4-H Volunteer

4-H volunteers

By Whitney Bell, 4-H Youth Development summer student worker

1. Commitment: As a volunteer you must be committed to your cause. Along with the commitment you have the opportunity to changes lives. A volunteer’s commitment to his or her program makes the program even more successful.

2. Patience: Patience is a virtue that every volunteer needs, especially when you have to be in five places at one time. When your 4-H'ers tell you they have to make a dish for a cookery that will be tomorrow, remember this must have. 

3. Words of Encouragement: Every 4-H'er needs some inspiration at some point in time, especially when they are about to give a presentation or demonstration that they have been practicing for weeks.

4. Rewards: What 4-H'er wouldn’t want a piece of candy or a gold star on their certificate? A thank you card or a sweet note will make that 4-H'er's day - because they will know that someone is there to believe in them.

5. First Aid Kit: For safety precautions, especially when you are at Camp Grant Walker and that kid is rushing to his or her track but falls and looks at you with those puppy-dog eyes, you will have hugs and band-aids ready.

6. Comfy Pair of Shoes: Between running around your community to running around camp you need comfy shoes. With comfy shoes you can be the volunteer who is always there with a helping hand instead of the volunteer sitting down.

7. Contact Sheet: You never know when you are going to have to call your agent for some directions or just to talk about what you will have to do for the next 4-H event. Having this information will hopefully prevent last minute requests.

8. A Smile: With a smile you can change any situation. Your positive outlook can help a situation go from bad to good. All volunteers need a positive outlook to help them get through their 4-H adventures.

9. Sense of Humor: Laughter is the cure for any and everything because every situation can be made better by laughing. Having a sense of humor when you are working with youth will keep you and them on their toes. So enjoy a laugh with your 4-H'ers!

10. Enthusiasm: Being enthusiastic will get the 4-H'ers motivated and ready to make the best better.

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