Molecular Clone Of Chitinase Gene From Vibrio Parahemolyticus

William Baumgartner, Laine, Roger A.  |  2/23/2007 3:20:23 AM

Laine, Roger A.; Ou, Chin-Yih; Jaynes, Jesse M.
Date Posted: 3/5/2002
Patent Status: issued
Patent Number: 5,352,607

A process for cloning the chitinase gene of Vibrio parahemolyticus is provided, comprising the steps of cleaving the Vibrio parahemolyticus DNA with Sau3A, PSTI or other restriction enzyme, mixing the cleaved DNA fragments in the presence of pUC18 and T4 ligase to produce a composite plasmid, and inserting the composite plasmid in a DH5a strain of E. Coli.
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