Chemical Oxidation for Cellulose Separation with a Hypochlorite and Peroxide Mixture

William Baumgartner, Day, Donal F., Chung, Chang-Ho  |  6/13/2017 4:03:33 PM

Day, Donal F.; Chung, Chang-Ho
Patent Status: Issued
Issue date: 9/08/2009
Patent Number: 7,585,387

An oxidative solution (Ox-B, a solution of no less than 5:1 sodium hypochlorite: hydrogen peroxide) was found to remove both lignin and hemicellulose from sugarcane bagasse. After treatment the cellulosic residue readily separated from the lignin and hemicellulose by sedimentation. The residue (the pulp) contained up to 80% by weight cellulose, and was easily degradable by cellulase enzyme. A treatment of oxidation with low concentrations of Ox-B, followed by a caustic wash, produced a cellulose residue that was able to be almost completely hydrolyzed to simple sugars by cellulase. Due to the low amount chemical used and the efficiency of the degradation, this process has commercial potential.

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