Apparatus and Method for In-situ Burning of Oil Spills

William Baumgartner, Breitenbeck, Gary A.  |  2/20/2007 4:37:41 AM

Breitenbeck; Gary A.
Date Posted: 5/1/2006
Patent Status: issued
Patent Number: 6,852,234

A method for in-situ burning of oil slicks on water, including the steps of: 1) providing a plurality of individual floating wicks; 2) positioning the wicks in the oil slick; and 3) igniting the wicks. Additionally, a method for manufacturing floating wicks for use in burning oil spills, including the steps of: 1) providing a wick material having a dry density less than water; 2) applying to the wick material an oleophilic, hydrophobic coating such that the coated wick material has an oil uptake capacity of at least 2 g/g and a water uptake capacity of no greater than 5 g/g; and 3) drying the wick material.
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