Activated Carbons From Low-density Agricultural Waste

William Baumgartner, Marshall, Wayne  |  2/22/2007 9:52:14 PM

Johns, Mitchell M.; Toles, Christopher A.; Marshall, Wayne E.
Date Posted: 10/23/2003
Patent Status: issued
Patent Number: 6,537,947

Activated carbons derived from low-density lignocellulosic agricultural waste, and for use in absorption of metals, are prepared utilizing carbon dioxide or steam activation at C. to C. for 3 to 12 hours and subsequent oxidation with air at C. to C. for 3 to 6 hours. Granular carbons are formed by the inclusion of a preliminary two-step process involving the admixture of a binder selected from molasses, coal tar or wood tar to form pellets, briquettes or extrudates and converting them into a char under an inert atmosphere at C. to C. for 1 to 2 hours.

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