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Bringing Real-World Solutions to the Ag Industry

At LSU, we're forging connections between the agriculture industry and academia. Dive into the practical world of the LSU College of Agriculture, where we work with industry leaders to solve real challenges, share impactful research, and connect with the brightest minds shaping the future of agriculture.

Explore the straightforward resources tailored for local professionals in agriculture and related industries within the College of Agriculture.

Subject Matter Experts.

Leverage our faculty's expertise to tackle industry challenges through industry-specific research with our scholars. Our world-class scholars seamlessly integrate research with hands-on practical application. Beyond contributing to leading academic journals and authoring textbooks, they infuse entrepreneurial insights, offering a well-rounded education that effortlessly merges theoretical knowledge with real-world perspectives. Our researchers, embracing a cross-disciplinary approach, stand ready to deliver tomorrow's solutions.

Precision ag.
Food science in the lab.

Research Centers and Facilities.

Explore a wealth of opportunities with our research centers and faculties, offering industry access across diverse disciplines and research areas. From cutting-edge consumer testing laboratories to research stations spanning Louisiana's varied topography, we provide tailored services to meet your specific needs. Connect with us for innovative solutions and collaborative endeavors.

Recruit Top Talent.

Partnerships with the LSU College of Agriculture offer companies a solid return on investment by strategically engaging with students. This collaboration helps enhance company brand awareness and meet workforce objectives. With a strong scientific foundation, students understand the practical application of sustainable practices and innovative approaches in their field. Their hands-on experiences, gained through internships and practical coursework, equip them with effective problem-solving capabilities.

Recruit our students.

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