Visiting Scholars Program

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Thank you for your interest in hosting a visiting scholar!

Over the life of Global Network's visiting scholar program, the LSU AgCenter has hosted more than 200 scholars from over 25 countries. These scholars have contributed to research in almost every LSU AgCenter department, and many have gone on to complete graduate degrees and become leaders in their respective fields. Global Network is here to ensure that visiting scholar programs are productive, memorable, and enriching for both scholar and mentor.

Information for Potential Faculty Hosts

I. Introduction & Purpose

The selected students and alumni each work directly with a faculty member, in an area of study where their research interests are similar. The scholars assist with research and projects designated by their faculty mentor. Through this practical experience, the students reinforce what they have learned in their courses while learning new skills and techniques. Program duration averages 2‐3 months (12 to 15 weeks) of 40‐hour work weeks and cannot exceed 6 months. The scholar will acquire a J‐1 visa through the US Department of State's Short‐Term Scholar Program.

II. Funding

There are multiple ways to fund a visiting scholar’s stay:

1. Self‐funded: scholar pays for his/her own stay from his/her own personal funds

2. Foreign Institution/Government/NGO‐funded: funded from scholarship/award monies from scholar’s home institution, government, or an non‐government organization

3. Department‐funded: host department pays monthly stipend to scholar

4. AgCenter/Department joint funded: host department pays 50% of the monthly stipend, and AgCenter contributes the other 50%

5. AgCenter funded: with approval from Vice President Richardson, scholar program may be 100% funded from non‐departmental AgCenter funds

6. Combination of the aforementioned

*Visiting scholars are responsible for their own transportation, insurance, and visas.*

III. Applicant Selection

For recurring visiting scholar positions, applicants must complete an application compiled by Global Network in conjunction with host departments, detailing position descriptions and minimum requirements. For non‐recurring visiting scholar positions, no formal application is necessary.

*In all cases, visiting scholars must provide a curriculum vitae, be approved by host faculty, and have a 3.0 GPA.*

IV. Global Network as a Resource

The LSU AgCenter Global Network assists in:

 Visa processing

 Securing accommodations and other logistics (i.e.‐ airport pickup, grocery shopping, social security card)

 Orientation & HR paperwork

 Cultural events throughout the visitor’s stay

V. Post‐Program

A. Graduate Assistantships: Visiting scholars are encouraged to apply to the LSU Graduate School and engage faculty for potential research assistantships. Criteria and deadlines for admission are listed on the LSU Graduate School web page, and LSU International Services can provide further assistance.

B. Program Extension: Scholars and faculty may extend a visiting scholar program for up to a 6‐month total stay. Scholar programs are not to exceed 6 months. In order to give opportunity to more students, those who have completed a visiting scholar program are discouraged from re‐applying in the future.

Please direct any questions to:

Sarah Bernard

Project Coordinator

LSU AgCenter Global Network

(225) 578‐2366

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