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Allyship at Work

Learn how to take meaningful action as an ally. Allyship at Work helps you understand privilege, recognize your positional power at work, and learn specific actions you can take to show up as an ally. Let’s create an inclusive workplace together! RSVP for the program by November 10, 2022, and learn more here:

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Coming Together for Racial Understanding (CTRU)

Learn how to enhance communication and engagement within diverse communities. Coming Together for Racial Understanding (CTRU) features a civil dialogue process to share and discuss how our attitudes, behaviors, and existing social, organizational, and institutional structures impact our working and living environment. Learn more here: and RSVP for the next workshop by October 14, 2022.

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A History of Race in the US From Its Founding to Today

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Speaker: Maxine Crump, President/CEO of Dialogues on Race Louisiana

10 a.m. -12 p.m. | Student Union 329 (Capital Chamber) or virtual

This presentation offers information that can inform actions toward meaningful change by:

  • Sharing a historical context of race in the USA
  • Exploring the status of race today and where agriculture is in the context of race and USHistory
  • Showing that the weight of the problem belongs to everyone, not singular individuals or singular organizations
  • Setting an environment for open, honest, brave conversations

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