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December 18, 2007

Focus On The Journey

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I read my horoscope this morning and found the following passage. While I am not sure that I really trust these predictions, I do find some wisdom in them and today’s was apropos. “Progress is more important than results – particularly when you consider that immediate results are only a part of the whole.” This caused me to reflect on this lifestyle change journey and the context under which we have initiated this blog. It is real easy to get focused on attaining immediate results and becoming disappointed when we can’t make things happen as quickly as we wanted. I enjoy writing about results and telling you about milestones achieved. But I do want to stay focused on the journey rather than the reporting of immediate results. That is where I think a lot of diets fail. If we stay focused, we can have both. Over the holidays I plan to review the progress made to date, reflect on the journey ahead and maintain my commitment to a healthy lifestyle change. My only advice to you at this time is to examine where you are and think about where you want to be. Remember, progress is more important than results.

This week will complete three months of the blog. I still receive many comments from readers. It appears the blog is something you enjoy.

We will take a break from the blog until January 2. In early January the Baton Rouge Advocate is doing a story on the blog. We will use this article to kick off our blogging for 2008. I will also update you on the vitals and share the experience of how the lifestyle survived the challenges of the holiday food fest.

I hope that all of you have a very happy holiday season and a wonderful new year.

Bill Richardson

Nutritionist Response

The 4-4-4 plan stands for exercising for 40 minutes and walking 4 miles per hour for four days a week. The chancellor walks on the treadmill, but you can walk outside if you can estimate the correct walking speed. You may want to check with your doctor to see if that program is suitable for you. His doctor recommended the 4-4-4 plan after a thorough physical. Happy Holidays!

Heli Roy


Mr. Richardson, I too am "training" to lose weight. I am giving up on the word "trying," hence the word "training." Could you please tell me what the 4-4-4 plan is? Thanks.

Lisa Mae Phelps


December 17, 2007

Dogging It

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I received an informative response from a reader last week. It concerned teens getting exercise by taking care of companion animals. The 4-H Canine Connection dog club encourages kids to stay fit doing activities with their dogs. What a great idea not only from an exercise perspective but also from a get away from the TV, computer and video game perspective. Also, caring for an animal helps develop responsibility and discipline. More places are being established for dogs and their owners to go and exercise. I suggest that you search out those opportunities in your community through your local vet, pet store or through the local extension office.

I have to tell you about the first timed I tried to walk my little Pekingese. Whissie was about 8 months old and spoiled beyond belief. On a little outing last summer, I decided to give Whis a walk. Whissie is built low to the ground and, other than a mad dash to the food bowl, doesn’t move around a lot. It was hot that evening and after we walked about 50 yards, Whissie lay down in the street and looked up at me with that look that said, “Are you kidding me?” So for the rest of the “walk,” I walked and he enjoyed a ride. Of course, while too tired to walk, he was not too tired to lick everybody who stopped us to visit. I walked, he rode. I think that our animals are actually smarter than we are sometimes.

Despite my failures as a dog exerciser, getting you and your dog involved in an organized program such as Canine Connections or other programs sounds like a great idea. And after a long day, a nice walk with your dog might help not only your mental health but the disposition of the dog. The bonding between pets and their owners was brought home to all of us as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Many people would not evacuate without their pets. We really underestimate the importance of animals to us humans.

My pup is always waiting by the back gate when I get home ready to spring into action and welcome me home. I just can’t convince him a long walk is in both our best interests.

Tomorrow I want to propose something radical – wellness gifts to teens rather than toys! Think about it!

Bill Richardson

2/10/2009 1:16:40 AM
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