JUNE 14-17, 2006
Thad Cochran Southern Horticultural Lab
Poplarville, MS

ADVISORS: Dewayne Ingram (University of Kentucky, Research) OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVES (Signing the sheet): Gary Knox (Extension, UF), Winston Dunwell (Extension, UK), Ed Bush (Research, LSU), Allen Owings (Extension, LSU), Patricia Knight (Research, MSU), William Klingeman (Research, UT), Cecil Pounders (USDA-ARS), Michele Scheiber (Research, UF), Dewayne Ingram (Administrative Advisor, UK), and Jerzy Nowak (Administrative Advisor, VT).

GUESTS: Wayne McLaurin (MSU), Christine Coker (MSU).

STATES NOT REPRESENTED: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, US National Arboretum

Patricia Knight and Cecil Pounders welcomed everyone to the meeting and provided a brief overview of MSU and the Thad Cochran Southern Horticultural Lab. Dewayne Ingram circulated a membership and mailing list and asked everyone to make any necessary corrections.

Program reports were heard from VT, UF, LSU, MSU, UT, and UK. No reports were submitted from Auburn, Arkansas, UGA, NCSU, TAMU, Oklahoma State , Clemson, or USDA-ARS.

Election of Officers:
Michele Scheiber was elevated to Chair. Allen Owing volunteered as Secretary. Michele Scheiber seconded. Motion passed. Jim Robbins was nominated for Executive committee by Win Dunwell. Allen Owings seconded. Motion passed.

Old Business:
2005 minutes were approved following a motion by Win Dunwell to wave the reading of the minutes. Bill Klingeman seconded the motion. Motion passed.

·The plant evaluation committee was reorganized. Ken Tilt was replaced by Ed Bush as chair. Jon Lindstrom and Win Dunwell remained on the committee. Current plant evaluations were discussed in regards to submitting concluding reports only at the end of the evaluation phase as opposed to annually. It was decided to modify the current evaluation forms to include columns for conclusion and withdrawals. Ed Bush suggested discussing evaluations at the meetings in addition to online data submission.

·A potential HortTechnology publication was discussed as well as continued SNA publications.

·The website will be redesigned but Auburn will continue to host the site.

New Business:
Plant evaluations – There were no new plants submitted for evaluation.

·Possible future evaluations included Arosemia, Spigelia, Baptista, and R. austrinum.

·Possible funding sources including HRI and J. Frank Schmidt were discussed.

·The issue of screening for invasiveness was discussed with Gary Knox discussing work with Sandy Wilson (UF) on tracking invasive potential. It was decided that weediness should be included in our evaluations as a potential indicator of invasiveness.

Future Meetings - Win Dunwell presented a preview of next year’s meeting in Lexington, KY and future meeting sites were discussed.

·2008 Blacksburg, VA

·2009 Arkansas - tentatively

New Project Proposal - Dewayne Ingram and Patricia Knight discussed the new project proposal – continuation of SERA-IEG 27.

· Dewayne provided the administrative prospective in regards to expectations, impacts, and improvements. Gary Knox motioned to continued, Bill Klingeman seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

· Previous accomplishments were reviewed and included 43 taxa distributions and an SNA publication and poster.

· The procedural plan was revised in regards to data collection and report dissemination. Coordination of data collection was shifted from evaluator to distributor and the Chair of the evaluation committee will coordinate data reporting.

· The external linkage list was corrected to add new ARS reps.

The meeting began Thursday morning with tours of Rocky Creek Nursery and Green Forest Nursery. The business meeting began at 12:00 at the Thad Cochran Southern Horticultural Lab and adjourned at 3:00 p.m. A tour of the ARS Southern Horticulture Lab was provided during the afternoon. Tours of the AU Ornamental Field Station, Kinney Nursery, Martin’s Nursery, Van Der Giessen Nursery, and Dodd and Dodd Nursery continued on Friday.

As a group, we would like to thank Patricia Knight and Cecil Pounders and their colleagues for hosting us. Thanks to all involved with the meeting arrangements!

Respectfully submitted,
Michele Scheiber, Secretary

6/4/2009 6:20:58 AM
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