JUNE 2-4, 2004
Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center Fletcher, NC

ADVISORS: Dewayne Ingram (University of Kentucky, Research) and Jerzy Nowak (VPI, Extension)

OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVES (Signing the Sheet): Tom Ranney (NC) Allen Owings & Ed Bush (LSU), Michele Scheiber (UF), Bill Klingeman & Stephen Garton (UT), Donna Fare & Cecil Pounders (U.S.D.A.), Patricia Knight (MSU), Ken Tilt (Auburn), Win Dunwell (UK), Jon Lindstrom (UA), Greg Eaton (VT), John Ruter (UGA).and & Dwayne Ingram (Administrative Advisor) Guests: Ann Gray (LSU)

STATES NOT REPRESENTED: Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina

Welcome from Tom Ranney. Dwayne Ingram (Administrative Advisor) reported that our SERA Group was approved through 2007. Reports were heard from Auburn, LSU, UGA, UF, UK, MSU, UT, USDA, and VT. No reports were submitted from Clemson, Oklahoma, or Texas A&M.

Election of officers:
Michele Scheiber (UF) was nominated for the executive committee by Patricia Knight. Seconded by Tom Ranney. Motion passed. Everyone else moves up a position: Ed Bush - Chair; Patricia Knight – Secretary.

Old Business:
Plant Evaluation Report by Win Dunwell. It was requested that Jon Lindstrom’s paper at SNA be considered a form of communication for the SERA new plant evaluations. The group agreed that this will provide important information for some of the plant material. Also, spreadsheets are supposed to be sent to evaluators by those individuals submitting plant material. Donna Fare suggested a uniform spreadsheet for the evaluation. Jon Lindstrom suggested the following information be provided:

·Date Received

·Date Planted

·Flowering Dates

·Plant Survival

Also, a closure sheet is needed for purposes of publication on each plant. Jon Lindstrom stated he would send spreadsheets to members for review.

Donna Fare reported only receiving 2 spreadsheets. Tom Ranney stated that he needs an overall assessment within his own state. We also need pictures of the plants we are evaluating. Robbins suggested adding CJ (Can’t Judge) to the evaluation sheet. Jon Lindstrom included all plants from 2000 and before with conclusions. It was suggested that we have final reports on 1 sheet in SNA format for each plant. Tom Ranney asked plant sponsors to re-send the forms to the evaluators as the plant evaluators are responsible for their own information. Sponsors need to send reminders through Dewayne for evaluations. We need to send Ken Tilt JPEG photos of plant material to update the site, data, concluding reports, etc.

New business:
SNA paper for publication in 2004. Please review and send any corrections ASAP! Jon Lindstrom should put his name first.

Plants reviewed with slides or presentation:
Jon Lindstrom:

·*Buddleia ‘Elliot Werner

·*Buddleia ‘Petite Indigo’

·*Buddleia ‘Miss Vicie’

·Lonicera americana ‘Pam’s Pink’

·Cornus mas ‘Spring Glow’

·Michelia skinneriana

·Magnolia ‘Jon Jon’

Tom Ranney:

·*Calycanthus ‘Venus’ PPAF

Greg Eaton:

·*Parrotia ‘Jennifer Teats’

Gary Knox (possible plants for 04, 05 evaluations – not official):

·*Viburnum luzonicum

·*Gordonia axillaries

(People in the South need to contact Gary Knox directly for the plants.)

A motion passed to accept new plant material into the evaluation program. * New plants above accepted for evaluation except Gordonia.

Future Meeting Sites:

2005 Quincy, FL
2006 Southern Horticulture Lab in Poplarville, MS
2007 Kentucky

As a group we would like to thank Tom Ranney and colleagues for hosting us in Fletcher. Patricia Knight made a motion to close the meeting and Allen Owings seconded it. The motion passed. A tour was provided of research plots at the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Station, North Carolina Arboretum, Biltmore Nursery, Highland Creek Nursery, Botanical Gardens, and Richmond Hill Inn. Thanks to all involved with the meeting arrangements!

Respectfully submitted,
Ed Bush, Secretary

6/4/2009 6:11:01 AM
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