Current Members of SERA-IEG 27

Current Members of SERA-IEG 27 (2008)

Jeff Adelberg - Clemson University
Michael Arnold - Texas A&M University
Edward Bush - LSU
Yan Chen - LSU
Rumen Conev - Virginia Tech University
Winston Dunwell - University of Kentucky
Donna Fare - USDA ARS
William Klingeman - University of Tennessee
Patricia (Tricia) Knight - Mississippi State University
Gary Knox - University of Florida
Anthony LeBude - North Carolina State University
Jon Lindstrom - University of Arkansas
Alex Niemiera - Virginia Tech University
Allen Owings - LSU
Jim Robbins - University of Arkansas
John Ruter - University of Georgia
Michelle Scheiber - University of Florida
Todd West - University of West Virginia

Research SYs (2008) - 5.25
Extension FTEs (2008) - 5.32

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