Annual Report - 2008

Nursery Crops and Landscape Systems


The 2008 meeting of the SERA-IEG 27 was held June 5-6 Richmon,VA. Official representatives present were: Dewayne Ingram (Administrative Advisor, University of Kentucky), Winston Dunwell (Extension, University of Kentucky), Ed Bush (Research, Louisiana State University), Allen Owings (Extension, Louisiana State University), Eugene Blythe (Research, Mississippi State University), Donna Fare (USDA-ARS), Win Dunwell (Extension, University of Kentucky), Anthony LeBude (Extension, North Carolina State), Todd West (Research, West Virginia University), and Jim Robbins (Extension, University of Arkansas).

States not represented were Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas

The group’s continuation was approved for a five year renewal with two suggestions for further project improvement (i.e. strengthen justification and objectives). The plant evaluations were reviewed and plans were made to publish a listing of 43 taxa evaluated by the group in the Southern Nursery Association Research Conference Proceedings in 2008. Three new plants - were approved for evaluation: Parrotia persica ‘Jennifer Teates’, Hypericum k. ‘Blue Velvet’, and Hypericum olympicum. Plans were discussed to move the website server from Auburn to Louisiana and to develop a standard spreadsheet for data collection.

Officers elected for 2008-2009 were Jim Robbins – Chair, Alex Niemiera – Secretary, Anthony LeBude – Executive Committee. Ed Bush continues as Chair of the Plant Evaluation Committee. Arkansas will host the 2009 meeting. Georgia will host the 2010 meeting.

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