Annual Report - 2003

The 2003 meeting of SERA-IEG-27 was held June 4-6, 2003, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Official representatives present were: Dewayne Ingram (University of Kentucky), Jerzy Nowak (Virginia Tech), Allen Owings (Louisiana State University), Ed Bush (Louisiana State University), Win Dunwell (University of Kentucky), Gary Knox (University of Florida), Michelle Scheiber (University of Florida), Jon T. Lindstrom (University of Arkansas), Bill Klingeman (University of Tennessee), Donna Fare (U.S. National Arboretum, McMinnville), Patricia Knight (Mississippi State University), Bill Bauerle (Clemson), Mike Arnold (Texas A&M University), and Ken Tilt (Auburn). Others present were Regina Bracy (Louisiana State University), Dick Parish (Louisiana State University), Cecil Pounders (Mississippi State University), and Chris Cheatham (USDA-ARS, Poplarville, MS).

Members reviewed the status of the SERA IEG 27 program, plants in review, and the web page Procedures for data submission were clarified and the use of a spreadsheet will be introduced. Win Dunwell, chair of the Plant Evaluation Committee reported on the status of plant material currently in review. The style for concluding reports was discussed and a decision made to follow the Southern Nursery Association Research Conference Proceedings format. Four concluding reports were presented and several more are still pending. Two new plants, Amsonia hybrid ‘SPH’ (AR03-01) and Buddleja 02-25-142 (AR04-01) were recommended and approved by the members to undergo 2- to 4-year testing.

Officers elected for 2003-2004 were Jon T. Lindstrom - Chair; Ed Bush -Secretary; and Patricia Knight- Executive Committee Member. Ken Tilt will serve as chair of the Plant Evaluation Committee beginning in 2004. North Carolina is scheduled to host the 2004 meeting in the Fletcher, NC area in June. Tom Ranney will be the site coordinator. The 2005 meeting is tentatively slated for Florida and will be hosted by Gary Knox.

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