Annual Report - 2002

The 2002 meeting of SERA-IEG-27 was held June 5 - 7, 2002, in McMinnville, Tennessee. Official representatives present were: Dewayne Ingram (University of Kentucky), Tom Ranney (North Carolina State University), Allen Owings (Louisiana State University), Ed Bush (Louisiana State University), Win Dunwell (University of Kentucky), Gary Knox (University of Florida), Mike Scheiber (University of Florida), Jon Lindstrom (University of Arkansas), Jim Robbins (University of Arkansas), Bill Klingeman (University of Tennessee), Greg Eaton (Virginia Tech University), John Ruter (University of Georgia), Donna Fare (US National Arboretum, McMinnville), Margaret Pooler (US National Arboretum, Beltsville), and Stephen Garton (University of Tennessee). Others present were Amy Fulcher (University of Kentucky Extension Associate) and Scott Renfro (University of Arkansas grad student). Ken Tilt (Auburn University--not present) submitted his report by email.

Donna Fare arranged tours of nursery production facilities at Botanico, Stoner, Shadow, and Swan Hill Nurseries, as well as Sewanee, University of the South. Dr. Fare gave a tour of the TSU Nursery Crops Research Station labs, greenhouses, and field facilities. Dr. Nick Gawel, Station Director, welcomed SERA-IEG members. Bill Klingeman took members to Cheekwood Botanic Garden and Museum in Nashville, TN on the final day of the meeting. During the Business Meeting, members reviewed the status of the SERA IEG 27 program, plants in review, and web page. Procedures for plant evaluation and submission were reviewed. The Plant Evaluation Committee reported on the status of plant material currently in review. Several plants were at the end of their review cycle. The distributor of those plants will submit a concluding report. Plants that did not survive in their trial locations will be subject to a terminal report, also written by the distributor. Members submitted an application to renew SERA IEG 27. The application for renewal was written by Gary Knox (Chair), reviewed by the membership, and submitted to the Director by Dewayne Ingram. A decision from the Director is anticipated in September 2002. Several new plants were recommended and approved by the members to undergo 3- to 5-year testing.

Officers elected for 2002-2003 were: Bill Klingeman - Chair; Jon Lindstrom - Secretary; and Ed Bush - Executive Committee Member. Louisiana will host the 2003 meeting in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans area in June 2003. Ed Bush and Allen Owings will be the site coordinators. The 2004 meeting is tentatively slated for North Carolina and will be hosted by Tom Ranney.

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