Annual Report - 1998

The 1998 meeting of SERA-IEG-27 was held on July 9-10, 1998, in Clemson, S.C. Official representatives present: Margaret Pooler (National Arboretum), Gary Knox (Florida), John Ruter (Georgia), Will Witte (Tennessee), Alex Niemiera (Virginia), Dewayne Ingram (SERA-IEG-27 Administrator), Ken Tilt (Alabama), Tom Ranney (North Carolina), Patricia Knight (Mississippi), Gerald Klingaman (Arkansas), Tom Fernandez (South Carolina), Donna Fare (Tennessee), Win Dunwell (Kentucky), Ed Bush (Louisiana), Richard Beeson (Florida), and Michael Arnold (Texas). Others Present: Tom Yeager (Florida), Claire Brooks (University of Florida Graduate Student), Dick Bir (North Carolina), Andy Bell (Clemson University Graduate Student). James Garden, manager, provided a tour of the South Carolina Botanic Gardens.

Following discussion of a special committee report, the Plant Evaluation Committee was established as a standing committee. The chair of this committee will serve three-year terms and function as the recorder of plant evaluation data. Margaret Pooler will serve as the first chair along with committee members Ed Bush, Alex Niemiera and Ken Tilt. Detailed responsibilities of officers and the Plant Evaluation Committee were adopted. Invasive potential and transmission (insect and disease) were added to the plant evaluation criteria. Potential for the establishment of a Web site will be explored. HRI and the Landscape Development Center were identified for possible funding sources. Plants offered for distribution/evaluation for 1998 were: Styrax japonica 'Emerald Pagoda' (Tom Ranney), Pittosporum heterophyllum (Ken Tilt), Cephalotaxus harrington (Berry College selection Will Witte) and Conradina canescens (Gary Knox). Officers elected for 1998-99 were: Win Dunwell -- Chair; Donna Fare -- Secretary; and Mike Arnold -- Executive Committee Member. Margaret Pooler will host the 1999 meeting on June 24-26 at the National Arboretum, Washington, D.C.

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