Research Faculty Awards

Research Faculty Awards

In December we will recognize and honor two scientists and a team of scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the research programs of the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station and to agriculture. The names and criteria for the awards are presented below.

G. & H. Seed Research Excellence Award: This $2,000 cash award goes to the scientist, who has made during the past five years, the most significant contributions to the research programs of the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station. The recipient is chosen based on his/her record during the preceding five years only. Accomplishments may include scientific advances, solutions to significant problems of agriculture or related disciplines, development of new or improved varieties or breeds and/or methodologies that have the potential for contributing to the well-being of agriculture or to economic development of the state. This award is supported by contributions from the G. & H. Seed Company, Inc. of Crowley, Louisiana.

Doyle Chambers Research Award: Through the LSU Foundation an award in honor of Vice Chancellor and Director Emeritus Chambers has been established. This $2,000 cash award is made annually to the scientist who, during his/her career at the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station has made the most meritorious contributions to agriculture. The recipient is selected based on career contributions to agriculture as documented by the nomination. Contributions which highlight the mission-oriented programs of the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station are given strong consideration.

Tipton Team Research Award: The Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station Tipton Team Research Award was established to recognize significant contributions to Louisiana Agriculture by a team of at least three scientists who have been participants in exceptional collaborative research efforts. The recipients are chosen based upon their contributions as a team during the most recent five years. Collaborative efforts include intra- and inter- unit research activities, as well as joint efforts with other universities, government agencies, and the private sector. Nominations should stress accomplishments resulting from the team's research accomplishments that would not have been possible by the scientists acting alone. The award is supported through an endowment honoring Vice-Chancellor and Director Emeritus Kenneth W. Tipton.

During faculty evaluations each year, it is evident that in many units, there are individuals that are very productive and deserving of recognition. If we are to achieve excellence as an organization, we must recognize and reward individuals and teams who have made outstanding contributions to the LAES, their professions and agriculture. All nominees must be currently employed. Nominations should be submitted through the unit head and should include:

  1. A letter of nomination from the unit head (or unit heads for team nominations) which specifies why the nominee or the team should be considered.
  2. A summary of nominee's or team's major accomplishments (1-3 pages). (The summary should address the criteria for the specific award as stated above.)
  3. The nominee's or team's resume(s).
  4. Three letters of support.

Each nomination must specify whether it is for the G. & H. Seed Research Excellence Award, the Doyle Chambers Research Award, or the Tipton Team Research Award. Please submit an electronic copy of all nomination material to the Chancellor’s office.

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