Supervisor's Employment Packet

After you have been notified that a position has been approved and advertisement has begun, you will need to review the following checklist. This document will guide you through the advertisement, selection, and employment process.

Please note that applications will only be accepted on-line unless otherwise stated. If an applicant contacts you for assistance with the online system, please have them contact Ali Marrero in HRM at

You should share this information with each of the search committee members so they can review the process and abide by the established guidelines.

It is critical that you review this checklist before doing anything further with respect to filling the position. Each step listed must be completed.


Before Interviewing

Before Making (Or Implying) a Job Offer

After An Offer Has Been Made and Accepted

Other Requirements


1. HRM will advertise in the following:

If the hiring manager wants to advertise in newspapers, journal or on other web sites, the ad may be abbreviated however, do not change the actual minimum qualification requirements, overall job description or application deadline. You must include the statement: “Equal Opportunity Employer” or at a minimum “EOE” in the ad.

Here are some templates to use for Position Vacancy Announcements.

Please review each advertisement to verify accuracy and to familiarize yourself in case an applicant contacts you with questions.

NOTE: A job offer cannot be made until after the required advertisement period is passed and each step listed herein is completed.

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Before Interviewing

2. Download appropriate Interview Form Interviews should be conducted in accordance with standard AgCenter procedures described in the documents provided. Forms for review are:

  • Extension Agents have specific instructions and form:
  • In most cases, you will be using an interview team or search committee to fill the position. Each must receive a copy of the Interview & Selection Process. More information about committee is on the Position Advertisement and Selection Form ( >>> PDF <<< or >>> Word<<< ) .

3. Each person interviewed should be advised that, if they are selected, a background check will be required and that the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is downloadable from the link provided in their profile application.

  • Generally, ALL applicants except current regular AgCenter employees must be screened.
  • Once you have completed interviews, you MUST complete the Position Advertisement & Selection Record ( >>> PDF ; Word<<< ) and forward to AgCenter HRM indicating top applicant. HRM will proceed with background check and verify eligibility. No “forward progress” will be made until this form is received in HRM.
  • You will be contacted when the background check is complete so you may continue your offer process.
  • Do not make any verbal, written or implied offer until this step is completed.

4. Download >>> Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) <<< Individuals who are not either U.S. citizens or permanent residents must have legal work authorization.

  • It is not legal to ask only individuals who appear to be internationals whether they have work authorization. If this question is asked, it must be asked of all applicants.
  • All employees, including U.S. citizens, are required by federal law to complete an I-9 form and provide original documents proving their identity and employment eligibility. The best way of ensuring compliance with this law without violating the rights of applicants is to show every applicant a copy of Form I-9. Advise them that if they are selected for the position, this form will have to be completed on their first day of employment and the supporting documents provided within three days in order for them to continue working. HOWEVER, it is NOT legal to have them complete this form prior to an employment offer/acceptance.
  • NOTE: If an international is the top candidate, contact the HR director immediately for assistance.

5 . Download >>> Schedule of Benefits <<<

  • The prospective employee should be provided a copy of the “Schedule of Employee Benefits.” (You may want reproduce and provide each applicant with a copy at the time of interview or you can provide the web site link to download at > Job Opportunities.
  • Since employee benefits may be part of the basis upon which the individual decides to accept or decline the position, it is important that he/she has the current employee benefits information.
  • Providing the “Schedule of Benefits” protects both you and the AgCenter.

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Before Making (Or Implying) A Job Offer

6. No verbal, written or implied offer of employment may be made prior to the completion of this checklist.

  • The application deadline has passed.
  • Make sure you have met all advertising requirements.
  • You have interviewed all appropriate individuals.
  • Checked references.
  • Sent completed Position Advertisement & Selection Record to HRM indicating top candidate to verify eligibility.
  • You’ve been notified by HRM that the background check is complete and candidate is eligible for employment.
  • If you are hiring for a classified position, discuss salary information with Denise Fontenot.
  • If you are hiring an international contact the HR director for assistance.

7. Sample Offer letter(s) Classified offers are made verbally.

After an Offer Has Been Made and Accepted

8. Download >>> Schedule of Benefits <<<

  • During the interview process, the interviewees should have been provided a copy of the “Schedule of Employee Benefits,” however you are encouraged to provide another copy to the prospective employee when the job offer is made. This protects both you and the AgCenter.
  • If the offer is made in writing, web address to the benefits guide must be included in the letter.

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9. Immediately submit the following to HRM and prior to employment:

  • Send offer letter to HRM along with Personnel Action Form. When establishing an effective date, allow at least two weeks for approvals/processing if possible. Classified forms do not require regional director signature – only need to send informational copy to regional office.
  • Complete and send New Hire Info form to HRM.
  • Download>>>Employment Packet Request<<<
  • Load new employee in web directory (establishes email address) (Create PAWS account in Quick Start as a part of the appointment process.)
  • HRM will update Workday after offer is made and accepted based on information marked on the Position Advertisement & Selection Record. Email notices will automatically be sent letting the other applicants know the process is complete and another has been offered the position.

****Note Requirements with Dates and/or Timelines****

10. I-9, “Employment Eligibility Verification Form” (See specific instructions for time line.)

  • As required by federal law, this form must be completed for all new employees .
  • Section I of this form must be completed no later than the first day the employee starts work.
  • The employee must be allowed a minimum of three work days, but no more than three work days to provide the documents needed for completion of Section II certification.

You must ensure that Section II is fully completed by the end of the third work day. Remember to attach copies of the documents the employee provides for Section II and maintain any unit copies confidentially.

11. Performance Evaluation System for Classified Employees.

  • You will receive an e-mai notification from the HRM department when a Classified Planning document has been created for a new employee. You may access the system at the following link: .
  • Per Civil Service rule 10.5(f), planning sessions shall be conducted during the first three (3) calendar months following the appointment of a new employee.
  • Any evaluating supervisor who fails to administer the performance evaluation system in accordance with Civil Service rules shall not be eligible for a performance adjustment for that year.

12. Download appropriate Performance Evaluation

    • The overall system and expectations should be discussed with the employee.
    • Must complete Annual Activity Report and Performance Evaluation in accordance with guidelines.

13. Download the >>> New Employee Orientation Registration Form <<< from the Orientation site. (Complete in order for new employee to participate in first available after employment.)

This is for “regular” employees and is not applicable to temporary employees. However, if a temporary employee later changes to a regular appointment, he/she should participate in the appropriate orientation session at that time. It is your responsibility to follow up that the employee participates in this program.

  • This orientation is mandatory for most employees.
  • The employee should attend the first monthly orientation which occurs following his/her employment. Employees who receive individual counseling need not attend the HRM session of the monthly orientation listed on the registration form agenda.

14. Download >>> New Employee Orientation Checklist <<< (Complete and return to HRM within first 30 days of employment.)

The unit must complete the attached New Employee Orientation List 1 AgCenter Policies and Procedures, (and List 2 if applicable) with the employee. Upon completion a copy must be forwarded to AgCenter HRM for the employee's file.

15. Review AgCenter policies at the Policy Statements page.

  • All new employees must be trained on AG CENTER PS-15, Violence-Free Workplace, within the first three months of employment.
  • This should be completed by the unit head or an individual designated by the unit head.
  • The training must cover the policy elements in PS-15, the general provisions of the AgCenter Violence-Free Workplace Plan, and general information on how to handle a violent or potentially-violent individual.
  • A record of this training must be maintained in the unit’s safety files.

16. Complete the 4 mandatory New Hire Trainings on AgEd under "courses required yearly." These must be completed within 30 days of hire. Use AgCenter login credentials to access. the system.

****Supervisors should remember that since there can often be a period of several weeks to several months from the time a position is authorized to the time it is filled, it is possible some of the procedures or forms listed above may change by the time a new employee actually begins work.

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