Student, Transient and Graduate Assistant Processing

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Applicable Policies

General Employment Guidelines

  •  Student Worker and Student Transient Employees
    • Must be a full-time student.  For the summer period, the student is eligible to work if one the following criteria is met:
      • had full-time student status in the spring
      • is enrolled full-time for the summer, OR
      • will be a new student enrolled full-time for the fall
    • Full-time status for LSU undergraduate students is 12 hours (9 hours for grad students) during fall and spring semesters and 6 hours for summer.  Non-LSU students would be subject to the full-time status rule of their respective school.
    • Students from other colleges may work, but must present documentation of full-time status (e.g., fee bill, schedule of classes).
    • Student workers are responsible for informing the department if their full-time status or academic standing changes.  Units should remind students of this at the beginning of each semester.
    • Senior students will be considered full-time in their last semester if they are taking all required courses for graduation.
    • Full-time high school students may be employed but  must obtain work certification from their school BEFORE working if they are under 18 years of age.  (Send copy of work certification to HRM and retain the original.  The original form must be returned to the issuing office within 3 days of termination of the student employee.)
    • International students with J1 or F1 status must have a work permit from the International Services Office (ISO) BEFORE working.
    • Students may only work 20 hours a week during the fall and spring semesters except during breaks.  They may also only work 20 hours a week during the summer if enrolled full-time.
    • For student transient employees, add job duties to the remarks section of the TAD form in order for HRM to use the proper title code.
  • Graduate Assistant Employees
    • Must enroll and remain in full-time status during the semesters they are covered by an assistantship (i.e., 9  hours for the Fall and Spring; 6 hours for the Summer).
    • Must be a student in "good academic standing."  Students on academic probation are not considered in "good standing."
    • International students with J1 or F1 status must have a work permit from the International Students Office (ISO) BEFORE working.

Required Documentation for Employment of Students Workers, Student Transients, Non-Student Transients and Graduate Assistants

  • Submit the TAD form to the HRM Office with the following documents (click on the document link to print out a copy of each form):
    • Tax Forms:  W-4 (Federal) and L-4 (State) or L-4E (if applicable)
      • If claiming "exempt," the student must complete the state L-4E form instead of the L-4.  (Note:  Non-resident aliens may NOT claim "exempt."
      • Non-resident alien must claim "single" with "one allowance" on both the W-4 and the L-4.  Also, on the W-4 form in block 6, the non-resident alien must write "NRA."
        • Exceptions:
          • Non-resident aliens from India must claim "single," but may have up to two allowances.  They also should not write "NRA."
          • Non-resident aliens from Canada, Mexico and the Republic of South Korea  must claim "single," but may claim all of their dependents. 
    • Supplemental Employment Form 
    • I-9 and Copy of Attachments
      • Employee must complete Section 1 on the first day of work and present ID within 3 business days.
      • Make sure the employee has checked the status box at the top of the form indicating citizen, PR, etc.
      • The employee must choose which ID to provide for verification.
      • The person verifying the ID must complete Section 2 of the I-9 form.  The original ID must be present, not a copy.
      • Do not confuse the visa stamp with an alien's passport.  An unexpired passport may be used to satisfy #4 from List A, but not the visa stamp.  If an alien's work authorization expires while employed, he/se must present a new valid work authorization and Section 3 must be completed by the employer/unit with the new ID.
      • If there has been a break in service of a student/graduate assistant employee, the Form I-9 must be recertified in Section 3 (or the student may complete a new form).
    • AgCenter Drug Policy
    • Direct Deposit Form or Waiver Form (if applicable)
    • Alien Tax Information Request Form for International Students
    • Work Permit (employees under 18 years of age) - Employees obtain the work permit by completing the OL-C-41 (Intention to Employ Minors Under 18) and taking it to the parish or city school superintendent.
    • Employment Authorization Document (International students)
    • Proof of Student Full-time Employment Status (for non-LSU students)
    • Selective Service Registration (for males 18-25 years of age).  The employee is required to access and print the proof of registration.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Do not submit the BR Campus loyalty oath and drug form.  The AgCenter loyalty oath is located on the Supplemental Employment Form.  The AgCenter drug form is part of Policy Statement 18 and must be used.
  • If adding AgCenter funding to an individual already employed by the BR Campus but who has not previously been on AgCenter funding, submit the required employment documentation to HRM along with the TAD form.  If currently working for LSU, copies of the employment forms (i.e., tax forms, direct deposit, I-9) may be submitted along with the AgCenter Supplemental Employment Form and drug form.
  • If employed by more than one unit, the student may only work a total of 20 hours between both units.
  • A Vehicle Authorization form must be completed for any student you anticipate will drive as part of their duties; however, this form remains in the unit and is not sent to HRM.
  • The required "letter of offer" and job description for a graduate assistant remains in the unit.


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