Operations & Forms Processing

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This section is to be used by office managers and other individuals responsible for processing appointments, status changes and/or payrolls. Each category provides detailed instructions for processing the documentation required for submission to the HRM Office. 

Employment Processing
  • Type of Appointment Chart - a summary of the different types of appointments and the criteria used to determine eligibility for miscellaneous benefits .
  • Supervisor's Employment Packet – Instructions and forms for moving through the advertisement, interviewing and appointment process.

Personnel Action Forms Processing

  • Guidelines for Forms Processing
  • Personnel Action Forms 
    • PER 1B ( PDF or Word ) - form used to list the duties, responsibilities and qualification requirements of select positions (Associates, Postdoctoral Researchers, Administrative and Unclassified positions)
    • Research Associate Supplemental Job Description Form ( PDF or Word )
  • Instructions for Entering Personnel Forms into the HRS System
  • Approval Requirements for HRM-Related Actions - chart of actions and the approval levels required for processing.
  • HRM Transaction Codes - listing of codes and terminology to be used on the personnel action forms.
  • HRM Transaction Processing - steps to follow when processing appointments or changes in status.
  • How To Determine End Dates - instructions on how to determine what date to use on the personnel action form for the personnel action end date and/or the funds end date.
  • Exit Checklist  - to be used by the unit head or designee to provide for orderly separation of an employee who is resigning, retiring or otherwise terminating employment with the AgCenter.

Payroll Processing

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