LSU Agricultural Center and College of Agriculture Annual Awards

The AgCenter and College of Agriculture will again present various faculty and staff awards this year in an annual awards ceremony. Please note three instructions in particular: (1) nominations for this year’s awards are due Monday, October 2, 2023. (2) Except as noted, nominations must be submitted by electronic copy sent to Rebecca Smelley ( (3) Each nomination must be accompanied by a nomination form. The link to the nomination form and list of awards is provided below. Each award provides a link to nomination instructions.

Reminder that nominations are automatically carried over for 2 years and may be updated each year by the nominator, if desired.

Overall Nomination Form – This form is required for all awards. DOC PDF

Extension Excellence Award or Floyd Edmiston Award. Recognizes individual programming excellence using the same performance criteria. The top nominee receives the Extension Excellence Award, and the next best nominee receives the Floyd Edmiston Award. DOC PDF

AgCenter Extension Team Award. This is a team award (2 or more participants) that recognizes outstanding performance by a team. DOC PDF

Rosalie Bivin 4-H Youth Development Award. Recognizes a distinguished extension program contributing to positive youth development. DOC PDF

G&H Seed Research Excellence Award. Recognizes a scientist, who has made during the past five years the most significant contributions to the research programs of the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station. DOC PDF

Doyle Chambers Research Award. Recognizes a scientist who during his/her career at the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station has made the most meritorious contributions to agriculture. DOC PDF

Tipton Team Research Award. Recognizes significant contributions to Louisiana Agriculture by a team of at least three scientists who have been participants in exceptional collaborative research efforts. DOC PDF

Sedberry Award – Outstanding Graduate Teacher. Recognizes outstanding graduate teaching. Must be full-time faculty with teaching responsibilities. All faculty ranks are eligible. DOC PDF

Sedberry Award – Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher. Recognizes outstanding undergraduate teaching. Must be full-time faculty with teaching responsibilities. All faculty ranks are eligible. DOC PDF

National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Teaching Award Certificate. This is a College of Agriculture Award. All faculty ranks are eligible and consideration is given for undergraduate and graduate teaching activities. DOC PDF

Ganelle Bullock Staff Outstanding Service Award. Recognizes a staff member (classified or non-classified) who consistently demonstrates the highest level of performance. DOC PDF

Outstanding Associate Award. Recognizes an individual in the associate rank who consistently performs in an outstanding manner. WORD PDF

International Programming Award. Recognizes an individual for their work in support of the AgCenter's strategic goal of internationalizing the LSU AgCenter and developing enhanced international opportunities for research and technology development, leveraging partnerships for improved value return, and recruiting international students and scholars. PDF

Inclusive Excellence Award. This award recognizes a faculty or staff member who has made outstanding contributions to support an environment of inclusion, respect, and appreciation of the differences of all individuals. All faculty and staff are eligible. PDF

Note that the following awards are administered separately. Watch for email announcements concerning nominations, procedures, and deadlines.

Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. Career Service Award for Classified Employees. This is a statewide award and is the highest honor a classified state employee can receive. The Civil Service League administers this award. Nomination procedures are announced each summer by the HRM Office. Deadline 2023 nominations is September 11, 2023

Foundation Staff Outstanding Award. Each year the LSU Agricultural Center campus and the LSU A&M campus recognize and award the superior work performance and outstanding contributions of full-time, non-academic staff employees (Research and Extension Associates are considered academic employees for the AgCenter). Recipients receive recognition certificates and a cash award at a reception sponsored by the LSU Foundation and the heads of the two campuses involved. Information on eligibility and the nomination process are distributed annually each fall.

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