Wellness Bingo

Kristen Manes  |  9/11/2012 10:06:54 PM

Details for Wellness Bingo Challenge:

  • Each participant should print out a copy of the bingo card (click here for bingo card).
  • Participants will perform tasks on bingo card beginning the first day of the month.
    Each time a task is accomplished on the bingo card, the participant should place an ”X” in the square. Please Note: Certain tasks will require you to click on a link.
  • Only one box per day can be” X’d” out.
  • Bingo means that seven boxes in a row have been “X’d” out.
  • The rows can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
  • Participants who have gotten at least one bingo during the month will need to send their bingo card no later than the 5th of the next month to Kathy Loyd or Kristen Manes by fax, email or hand delivery. (If the 5th falls on the weekend, the deadline will be the Monday after the 5th.
  • Bingo cards that are received on time will qualify for entry into a monthly drawing.
  • Each time a “bingo” is achieved the participant’s name will be entered into the drawing.
  • A drawing for a small prize will take place within a couple of days after the deadline for submission of the bingo cards.

Email: Kathy Loyd (kloyd@agcenter.lsu.edu) or Kristen Manes ( kmanes@agcenter.lsu.edu)
Fax # – 225/578-8284 or Hand deliver: 103 J. N. Efferson Hall

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