Annual Enrollment 2023

2023 Annual Enrollment Meeting Schedules

Active Employees

LSU First meetings for active employees will be held virtually this year. The schedule is below.

LSU First Active Employee Meeting Schedule

OGB Meetings for active employees will be held in-person this year. The schedule is below.

OGB Active Employee Meeting Schedule


LSU First Medicare Retiree plan meetings will be held virtually this year. The schedule is below.

LSU First Medicare Retiree Plan Meeting Schedule

OGB meetings for retirees will be held in-person. There are separate meetings for retirees with Medicare and retirees without Medicare. The schedules are below.

OGB Medicare Retiree Meeting Schedule

OGB Non-Medicare Retiree Meeting Schedule

NOTE: LSU First will not be discussed at OGB meetings and vice versa.

* Make changes, enroll, or cancel health insurance plans. Active employees must do this in Workday.

* Make changes or enroll in supplemental insurance plans including Dental, Vision, Voluntary Life, Accident Protection, Critical Illness, AD&D, and Identity Theft Protection. Active employees must do this in Workday.

* Participate in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for either Healthcare or Dependent Care. You MUST sign up for this each year in Workday and elect an amount for the account. This is NOT an automatic re-enrollment from year to year. FSA enrollments must be completed in Workday.

* Change your existing LSU Supplemental Life Insurance coverage:

  • There will be no changes to life insurance premiums for 2023. Since this benefit is age-banded, your premium will increase if you are entering a new age band. If you are currently enrolled and do not wish to make changes, no action is required.
  • During this Annual Enrollment, UnitedHealthcare will allow enrollment with no evidence of insurability.
    • Employees can enroll or increase their coverage by $10,000, without evidence of insurability (EOI), if not previously denied coverage.
    • Spouses - No increases allowed for spouses without Evidence of Insurability
    • Child(ren) can enroll or increase coverage in increments of $5,000, up to $20,000.
  • Be sure to elect the entire amount of life insurance desired for you and your dependents effective January 1, 2023, as well as beneficiary designations.

Please note: NO late health insurance applications will be accepted outside of Annual Enrollment without a qualifying event.

1. Active employees with access to Workday will make health insurance changes there. Visit your current benefits in Workday. (Click on the heart on the homepage, >>View>>Benefit Elections). Print that out. Make sure everything you want is there, then compare it to the Open Enrollment event in your inbox.

If you have the Pelican HSA 775 health plan, you MUST make an election for deducts to your HSA account for the 2023 plan year. The 2022 deduction will not carry over into the new year. You must complete OGB's GB-79 HSA form to make your HSA elections for 2023. Once you complete the form, return it to AgCenter HRM for processing.

If you are happy with your health insurance plan and do not want to change plans, you do not need to make an election, but you should still open your Open Enrollment task and proceed through it, making certain everything is as it should be. You will remain in your current plan unless you make a change.

2. If you contribute to one or both of the tax-saver benefits plan spending accounts (medical or dependent) and you want to continue to participate in the next plan year, you MUST re-enroll. You will enroll online in Workday. If you do not re-enroll (which means selecting the amount you'd like withheld for the year) you will not participate in 2023.

3. You should check/update your beneficiary information for life insurance in Workday.

4. You should take an inventory of the benefits and insurance coverage you do have, making sure it is adequate and not too much or too little.

2023 Interactive Benefits Guide COMING SOON!!

Please use the link below to access the all new interactive benefits guide for 2022.

Active Employee Premiums


Retiree Premiums - 75% Vested Rates

Premiums - Retiree

All eligible active employees will be sent an Open Enrollment task to their Workday inbox on 10/1/2022. If it is not currently there (as of 10/1/22) and you are an eligible employee, please contact HRM at This may be due to a pending benefit event already initiated in the Workday system. Once the pending event is complete, the Open Enrollment task should route to your inbox. The Open Enrollment task in your inbox will disappear at 4:00 PM on 11/15/22.

If you do not complete your Open Enrollment task, your current coverage will remain (except for Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Account elections). These plans will automatically be waived if you do not re-enroll through the Open Enrollment task. If you are not currently participating in health coverage and do not elect health coverage through the Open Enrollment task, the Open Enrollment task will close as though you have waived health insurance (information we must report per the Affordable Care Act).

Employees are encouraged to print a benefits confirmation from their Benefit worklet before completing their Open Enrollment task in Workday. Please also review demographic information such as address and phone number to ensure new ID cards will be received timely at the close of Annual Enrollment.

Employees will receive a confirmation of what products they have elected, waived, beneficiary designation and what dependents are covered once they work through their Open Enrollment event. It is important for employees to review the confirmation before completing their Open Enrollment task. Once Open Enrollment is closed, the insurances elected in Workday will be the benefits the employee is enrolled in for the 2023 plan year.

Retirees will not have access to Workday for Open Enrollment. All retiree changes should be completed on paper documents and sent directly to the HR office.

New premiums and elections will be reflected in the employee's December payroll checks, except for Identify Protection, flex and health savings deductions. Identity Protection deduct will be the month prior to effective date. New flex elections (health and dependent care) will be reflected in the employee's January check.

A side by side chart that compares the medical plans available for 2021.

Medical Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Grandfathered plans are not eligible for any changes except cancellation. Therefore it was not included in the Open Enrollment task. If you wish to cancel this plan, please contact AgCenter HRM. If you wish to continue the grandfathered insurance plan, there is nothing you need to do.

We’ve found this to mean that an employee has unintentionally delegated ALL tasks to someone else – this would include their benefits tasks. It is important that the employee receiving someone else’s benefit task NOT complete it. The delegation must be corrected before the Open Enrollment task can be re-assigned back to the correct employee. After the delegation is corrected, the employee that received the original notice will open it and REASSIGN the task to the employee it is supposed to belong to. If you need help with this, please contact AgCenter HRM. Please don’t complete a task for another employee – EVEN IF they’re sitting right next to you and give you permission. Since this is a benefits election, the employee’s electronic signature is needed.

YES. Prior to Workday, all beneficiary information was handwritten. Now that there’s a database to keep this information online, your should keep your beneficiaries updated there. Any beneficiary information you complete in Workday will supersede anything written on paper. . Here’s a link to an instruction sheet that can help with updating/changing beneficiaries.

NOTE: Only beneficiaries for insurance plans (Life, AD&D, Accident Protection, & Critical Illness) are stored in Workday. Retirement beneficiaries are stored with your retirement system (TRSL, LASERS, Deferred Comp)

GREAT QUESTION. Before you can add dependents (spouse, children...) to your insurance, you must first add the dependents to your Workday profile. First, you will need to scan and save birth certificates, marriage certificates or other dependent verification forms to your computer so they can be uploaded into Workday. Then you will go in and add the dependents using the CHANGE DEPENDENTS option. After entering all your dependent information you will be able to attach the dependent verification documents you saved. A notification is sent to HR (Ryan and Karen) to check out the document you uploaded and approve the addition. After that is complete you may go in and add them to your insurance plan through your Open Enrollment task. Here’s a link to an instruction sheet that can help with adding dependents..


While not required if not making changes, it is important to open the “Open Enrollment” task in your Workday inbox and go through all of the pages. If something isn’t as it should be, make the changes. Open Workday to your Benefits screen and print the plans you are enrolled in now. When you go through the Open Enrollment task, check each insurance to be sure what you are currently enrolled in is still elected. Be sure the dependents (spouse, children, etc.) are listed on the correct plans. When you have completed the enrollment process, you will check the “I Agree” box and Submit. At that time you will have the option to Print your enrollment. BE SURE TO PRINT THE CONFIRMATION PAGE. Compare it to the printout of your current enrollments and be sure it is correct.

YES. There is no way to link their personal information with your Workday Benefits record so you must attach marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc. in Workday or the dependents will not be approved.

Go back, scan and save all of them as one document. Then upload it into Workday as one attachment. Workday should allow multiple attachments but some employees have encountered problems.

Open your Benefits Worklet. Near the middle of the screen you will see “OPEN ENROLLMENT CHANGE”. Click on this and it will take you back to your Open Enrollment task. WHATEVER CHANGE IS MADE LAST WILL BE THE CHANGE THAT GOES INTO EFFECT ON 1/1/2023.

For those that have made elections that mandate a premium change:

For active employees, most premiums are paid one month in advance. Therefore you will see changes for most insurances on your December paychecks. LTD, HSA and FSA accounts are current deductions and those will change on the January paychecks.


We are not the official keeper of that information so that will remain a paper form and filed through our Human Resource Office in Efferson Hall or with your retirement system directly.

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