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Navigating Your Way to A New Home - Unit 1

Unit 1 - Complete unit materials cover: renting versus owning, housing priorities, how to evaluate homes and house plans, how to determine housing price limits, how to choose your home-buying professional team, shopping resources, how to negotiate purchase price of home, your housing rights and what needs inspecting prior to purchasing a home.

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5/28/2009 12:39:04 PM

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FilenameDescriptionFile Size
U.1.1+Renting+vs+Owning.pdf Renting verses owning a home. Which is better for you; renting or owning a home? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of both before you decide. 189.32 KB
U.1.2+Your+Housing+Priorities.pdf Your Housing Priorities. Few can afford to have it all when choosing a home to buy. Deciding home priorities before beginning your search and make hunting more productive. 264.97 KB
U.1.3+Rate+the+Space.pdf Use this guide to help you evaluate homes or house plans and choose one with the features you need. 316.92 KB
U.1.4+What+Price+Home+Can+You+Afford.pdf What Price Home Can You Afford to Buy? Want to purchase a home? Learn about the five factors used to determine your housing price limit 423.87 KB
U.1.5+Choosing+Home+Buying+Professionals.pdf Guidelines to assist you in selecting your team of home buying professionals: realtor, inspector, attorney, appraiser and mortgage lender. 517.53 KB
U.1.6+Your+Shopping+Resouce+Choices.pdf The task of shopping for a home can seem overwhelming. Learn where to look and your resource options. 329.12 KB
U.1.7+Negotiating+for+Your+Home.pdf Negotiating for Your Home. A home is the largest purchase most people ever make. Learn to negotiate at all stages of the home-buying process. 412.60 KB
U.1.8+Your+Housing+Rights.pdf Your Housing Rights. Fair housing discrimination means unfairly denying someone the right to own or rent a house or apartment. Learn more about the Fair Housing Act. 349.05 KB
U.1.9+Home+Inspection+Checklist.pdf Home Inspection Checklist. Take the time to inspect the structure and mechanical systems of a house before purchasing. Use this helpful guide to assist you through the process. 483.60 KB
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