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Staying on Course with Financial Management

Complete Unit 2 materials cover: Organizing your family finances by setting goals, developing a cash flow worksheet and net worth statement, developing a budget and managing your credit. In addition, find helpful tips on homeowner tax planning, stretching your dollars and saving and preventing identiy theft.

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Unit 2

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FilenameDescriptionFile Size
U.2.1+Organize+and+Set+Goals.pdf Organize and Set Goals. An organized system of record-keeping can make managing family financial matters and emergencies much easier. Learn more about the steps to financial organizing. 655.28 KB
U.2.2+Chart+Your+Cash+Flow.pdf Chart Your Cash Flow. Learn to develop your financial tools – step-by-step guidance in tracking and establishing a cash flow worksheet. 722.26 KB
U.2.3+Determine+Your+Net+Worth.pdf Determine Your Net Worth. Determine what you are worth by developing a net worth statement. Follow the easy steps outlined in this fact sheet. 312.75 KB
U.2.4+Develop+a+Family+Budget.pdf Learn more about creating your family spending plan. 510.12 KB
U.2.5+Credit+Management.pdf Credit Management. Learn the importance of credit reports and scoring and consumer credit rights. Manage your way to credit worthiness. 1,009.72 KB
U.2.6+Credit+Check+Up.pdf Credit Check Up. Take the credit check up. Are you headed toward credit problems? 160.64 KB
U.2.7+Credit+Card+Comparison+Chart.pdf Credit Card Comparison Chart. Helpful credit card comparison chart. Use this chart to determine with chart is best for you. 315.55 KB
U.2.8+Home+Owner+Tax+Planning.pdf Home Owner Tax Planning. Tax benefits encourage home ownership. Learn about some of the general description of current home ownership tax benefits. 342.92 KB
U+2+9+How+to+Save.pdf You can save money when you really put your mind to it. Over twenty tips to get you started saving. 274.81 KB
U.2.10+Getting+the+Most+From+What+you+Have.pdf Getting the Most From What you Have. Time, skills and effort can often substitute for spending. Find out about money-saving tips for a variety of spending categories to stretch your dollars. 409.17 KB
U.2.11+Identity+Theft.pdf Learn about preventing identity theft and what to do if you become a victim. 321.40 KB
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