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Fall is time to plant fruit trees in La.
(Distributed 11/25/15) HAMMOND, La. – Plucking fresh fruit from your own orchard can be a delicious way to add beauty and taste to your home landscape. The best time to plant fruit trees in Louisiana is now through January. Plant now, and you can pick your own fruit at home later.
butterfly gardening
Butterfly Gardening for Louisianians
Many Louisiana gardeners are expressing their desire to attract butterflies to their yards. Learn how to create a butterfly-friendly environment with a few simple requirements: food, water, shelter and a place to reproduce. (PDF Format Only)
sod harvest
Sod Enterprise Budget
This report estimates the cost and return of a centipedegrass sod farm in Louisiana. Materials, inputs and scheduling reflect the average situation in Louisiana.
2016 Get It Growing Calendar
2016 Get It Growing Lawn & Garden Calendar
The 2016 Get It Growing Lawn & Garden Calendar offers monthly tips for Louisiana gardeners from LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill, beautiful photos from Louisiana photographers and a special section on selecting and planting trees. Full color. 13 1/4” x 9”. Monthly tips. How to section on amaryllis. Louisiana Super Plants. Zone map.
Chinese pistache
Fall color abounds in Louisiana landscapes
(Distributed 11/20/15) HAMMOND, La. – You can include in your landscape many trees and shrubs that will provide significant color in fall and winter year after year. Although decidedly less than spectacular this far south, late November and early December are when the leaves of some deciduous trees turn various colors as they get ready to drop.
self-propelled spreader
Self-Propelled Spreaders And Sprayers For Turfgrass
A relatively new class of products in the commercial grounds maintenance industry is the self-propelled spreader and/or sprayer. This kind of equipment can potentially reduce the effort required to apply fertilizer or pesticides to lawns, but it comes at a substantial cost and will require some trade-offs in operating mode.
Seeded Turf-type Bermudagrasses
Bermudagrass sod is a tough, fine-textured, aggressive, warm-season turf that's just perfect for a pretty lawn or well-performing athletic turf. It does not tolerate shade, so overhangs and trees are a big problem.
Seeded Turf-type Bermudagrasses
Bermudagrass sod is a tough, fine-textured, aggressive, warm-season turf that's just perfect for a pretty lawn or well-performing athletic turf. It does not tolerate shade, so overhangs and trees are a big problem.
Athletic Weed Control Calendar
A simple calendar for general weed control activities on sports fields.
Okra galling
Root-knot Nematode In The Home Garden
Gardeners are often unaware of a serious pest waiting for the spring vegetables to begin growing. These pests are small, microscopic animals called nematodes, and they attack the roots of many plants commonly grown in the garden. There are two major types of nematodes that cause the most problems for vegetables.
Mechanical vs Chemical Trimming
You can trim and edge mechanically with a string trimmer or edger... or chemically with a non-selective herbicide. Dr Dick Parish, an engineer at the LSU AgCenter’s Hammond Research Station, says each method has advantages and disadvantages.
Before photo
Junior Master Gardener Program Photos
La-Terre Master Gardeners have teamed up to help J.S. Aucoin Elementary School in Amelia with the Junior Master Gardener Program.
Class of 2000
La-Terre Master Gardeners
Nine classes have graduated from the La-Terre Master Gardener program.
Problem Areas in Athletic Turf and Golf Greens
Soil compaction and lack of aeration are death on turf.
low cost ZTR mower
Low Cost Zero Turning Radius Mowers For Home Lawns
Zero-turning-radius mowers have taken over the commercial riding mower market. In the past, there were few low-cost models available to homeowners, but this has changed. Low-cost homeowner models are now available from several companies.
Leslie Ann camellia blossoms
Leslie Ann camellia joins Louisiana Super Plants
(Distributed 11/13/15) HAMMOND, La. – Camellia season is here, and camellias are one of our popular evergreen shrubs. We typically think of azaleas for spring flowers, crape myrtles for summer flowers and camellias for fall and winter flowers in Louisiana.
Guidelines as a Louisiana Master Gardener
Information about the Louisiana Master Gardener (LMG) program and the commitment of Louisiana Master Gardeners.
Master Gardener Logo
Louisiana Master Gardener Program
This document outlines the requirements, objectives, responsibilities, commitment and jobs of a Louisiana Master Gardener (LMG).
Jolt dianthus
Dianthus provide outstanding cool-season performance
(Distributed 11/06/15) HAMMOND, La. – November is prime time for cool-season bedding plants, and dianthus have been among the plants in this group gaining considerable popularity the past 10-15 years. Pansies have long been the most popular cool-season bedding plant, but many new dianthus varieties are making this great, under-used cool-season flower better known to home gardeners.
Basic Sports Field Maintenance
The turfgrass cover on playing fields definitely affects the play of the game. Field speed, ball roll and safety are all very much related to the turf condition. An attractive field is inspirational to the team and a pleasure to watch play on.
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Get It Growing Calendar
Get It Growing Calendar