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bed preparation
It’s time to take care of azaleas
(Distributed 04/11/14) HAMMOND, La. – Azalea blooms were outstanding this spring, even though the flowers were about two to three weeks later than normal and the cold weather this winter limited the early bloom. In the end, however, many plants bloomed in unison beginning in mid-March. Flowers are continuing now, and bloom on some varieties will stretch through May.
kauai white torenia
Kauai torenia named Louisiana Super Plant for spring 2014
(Distributed 04/04/14) HAMMOND, La. – In the continuing program of identifying Louisiana Super Plants, the LSU AgCenter has identified the Kauai series torenia as a Louisiana Super Plant for spring 2014. These are improved from some of the older seeded varieties and have been proven great in landscape trials the last three years at the LSU AgCenter.
Penny Mac hydrangea
Research gardens growing in Hammond
(Distributed 03/28/14) HAMMOND, La. – Since the debut of a landscape horticulture research and extension program at the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station seven years ago, gardens supporting the research at the station continue to expand.
serenita pink angelonia
All-America Selections names 2014 winners
(Distributed 03/21/14) HAMMOND, La. – Six bedding plants have been named national All-America Selection winners for the 2014 gardening season. They include Serenita Pink angelonia, Florific Sweet Orange New Guinea impatiens, Sparkle White gaura, NuMex Easter ornamental pepper, Akila Daisy White osteospermum and African Sunset petunia.
Traviata rose
Research identifies better-performing roses for Louisiana
(Distributed 03/14/14) HAMMOND, La. – Gardeners who have shied away from growing roses because of the fungicides and care needed to grow them can take heart in a recently completed research project conducted by the LSU AgCenter and the American Rose Society at the Gardens of the American Rose Center in Shreveport.
Spring brings pests to landscapes
(Distributed 03/07/14) HAMMOND, La. – Spring is near. We have many wonderful plants coming into flower and foliage this time of year, but our landscapes also have diseases, insects and weeds that need to be monitored and dealt with when appropriate.
aphids on roses
‘Yards and neighborhoods’ provides basic landscape information
(Distributed 02/28/14) HAMMOND, La. – One of the programs the LSU AgCenter offers is “Louisiana Yards and Neighborhoods.” It was developed several years ago as an educational program to teach home gardeners about sustainable landscaping and home horticulture practices.
american snowbell flowers
Flowering trees add to February, March landscapes
(Distributed 02/21/14) HAMMOND, La. – Flowering trees add considerable color and beauty to our landscapes during late winter and early spring. Many of the trees that flower at this time of year can be considered low-maintenance compared to the amount of pleasure we get from them.
queen palm freeze damage
Louisiana palm trees suffer from cold weather
(Distributed 02/14/14) HAMMOND, La. – Palm trees have become increasingly popular in Louisiana home landscapes recently, and this resurgence mainly can be attributed to the lack of severely cold weather over the past 30 years.
mulched rose bed
Rose time is approaching
(Distributed 02/07/14) HAMMOND, La. – Roses are one of our most popular ornamental plants. And home gardeners should learn about and be aware of recommended management practices for roses.
PowWow white coneflower
Echinacea named perennial of the year
(Distributed 01/30/14) HAMMOND, La. – The National Garden Bureau has selected echinacea, commonly known as coneflower, as its 2014 perennial of the year because of the vast assortment of flower colors and shapes available to today’s gardener. It’s also an American staple.
properly pruned crapy myrtle
Don't 'murder' your crape myrtles
(Distributed 01/27/14) HAMMOND, La. – We are midwinter in Louisiana, and this is the time when people think about pruning crape myrtles. Unfortunately, these are one of the most abused trees in Louisiana’s residential and commercial landscapes.
live oak
Jan. 17 is Arbor Day in Louisiana
(Distributed 01/17/14) HAMMOND, La. – Now is a great time to plant a tree in Louisiana. We observe Louisiana Arbor Day this year on Friday, Jan. 17.
frozen banana plants
Cold weather brings landscape troubles
(Distributed 01/10/14) HAMMOND, La. – Cold weather in early January has the potential to cause varying problems in our landscapes from north to south Louisiana. We have seen damage in our garden trials at the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station.
soil lab ad
Make your landscape resolutions for 2014
(Distributed 12/23/13) HAMMOND, La. – Happy New Year! It is time for new projects, new resolutions and making plans for another gardening season in Louisiana. We may not realize how fully blessed we are in this great state to be able to grow some of the landscape plants that are available to us.
Sweetbay magnolia
It’s time to plant a tree; choose the right one
(Distributed 12/20/13) HAMMOND, La. – Arbor Day, in Louisiana the third Friday in January, is designated as a day for planting trees. In Louisiana, January is considered the best month to do this.
Allen Owings
Hammond Research Station serves Louisiana horticulture industry
(Distributed 01/03/14) HAMMOND, La. – Many residents of southeast Louisiana may not know that the LSU AgCenter has an agricultural experiment station in that area devoted to horticulture research and extension programs to aid the commercial nursery and landscape industry, as well as home gardeners.
Holiday amaryllis makes great landscape plant, too
(Distributed 12/06/13) HAMMOND, La. – Amaryllis is a popular holiday plant. Bulbs are commonly available from November to late December. Forcing them to bloom during winter is not difficult, and the results are beautiful.
frost in the sun garden
Many plants need winter frost, freeze protection
(Distributed 12/01/13) HAMMOND, La. – Winter is here, and this time of year brings questions about protecting landscape plants during the cold months of December, January and February.
sasanqua hedge
Sasanquas, dwarf camellias add color to early-winter landscapes
(Distributed 11/22/13) HAMMOND, La. – The sasanqua species of camellia is one of our most popular flowering shrubs for late fall through early spring. These go by the scientific names of Camellia sasanqua.
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