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saucer magnolia
La. landscapes beginning to awaken
(Distributed 02/20/15) HAMMOND, La. – Landscapes around the state are in various stages of their spring awakening, but it’s still February.
babywing begonia
These warm-weather plants do well in shade
(Distributed 03/30/12) As the peak of the spring bedding plant season arrives, you may want a few warm-season flowers in the shady areas around your landscape. Most of our warm-season flowers prefer full sun or at least more sun than shade. But many great bedding plants will provide desirable flowering and foliage for those shaded areas in your landscape through fall.
Fireworkd gomphrena
Sun-loving bedding plants perform spring through fall
(Distributed 03/16/12) It’s mid-March, and spring bedding-plant time is here for most of us. We have been eager to plant flowers this spring with our warm winter weather and the early arrival of springlike conditions in the landscape.
native azalea
Native shrubs, trees are worthwhile additions
(Distributed 03/09/12) Many home gardeners have an interest in native plants. We are fortunate in Louisiana to have a vast abundanace of native plants for home landscape use. These include our native wildflower, the native Louisiana iris, our state flower, the Southern magnolia, and our state tree, the magnificent bald cypress.
Silverbell is a great, underused native tree
(Distributed 03/02/12) Silverbells comprise several species of native trees that are attracting increased interest in the southeastern United States. The two-winged silverbell (Halesia diptera) is one of our many smaller-growing native tree species that should be considered for inclusion in a native landscape plan.
double Knock Out rose
It’s time to start rose care
(Distributed 02/24/12) Home gardeners need to increase their knowledge and awareness of cultural practices recommended for roses in our landscapes. February and March is the time of the year to get started with your rose garden maintenance.
Liriope – a popular ground cover
(Distributed 02/10/12) Ground covers are very popular landscape plants in Louisiana. The percentage of all ornamental plants sold in the state in the ground cover category is much higher than in other southern states. Our most common ground cover is liriope.
flowering cherry
Landscapes are looking like spring
(Distributed 02/17/12) Landscapes around the state are in various stages of their spring awakening, but it is still February. With our unusually warm January and February, we’re seeing flower buds opening and foliage growth commencing ahead of schedule.
double Knock Out rose
February care enhances spring, summer roses
(Distributed 01/13/15) HAMMOND, La. – Roses continue to be popular in our residential landscapes, so home gardeners would be well served to increase their knowledge and awareness of recommended management practices for roses. Proper care at the proper time goes a long way to enjoying landscape success.
Japanese maple
Japanese maples make good small specimen trees
(Distributed 11/03/14) HAMMOND, La. – Japanese maples have the potential to be one of the most outstanding small trees for specimen plantings and focal-point use in residential landscapes in the Southeast. And fall and winter are the best time of the year to add Japanese maples to the landscape.
frozen banana plants
Cold weather brings landscape troubles
(Distributed 01/10/14) HAMMOND, La. – Cold weather in early January has the potential to cause varying problems in our landscapes from north to south Louisiana. We have seen damage in our garden trials at the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station.
properly pruned crapy myrtle
Don't 'murder' your crape myrtles
(Distributed 01/27/14) HAMMOND, La. – We are midwinter in Louisiana, and this is the time when people think about pruning crape myrtles. Unfortunately, these are one of the most abused trees in Louisiana’s residential and commercial landscapes.
bark split
Azaleas may look unhealthy in mid, late winter
(Distributed 02/06/15) HAMMOND, La. – One of the most widely planted landscape shrubs in Louisiana is the azalea. Dwarf, intermediate and the larger-growing Southern Indica varieties are common in our landscapes.
There’s a right way to prune trees and shrubs
(Distributed 01/30/15) HAMMOND, La. – Winter and early spring are when many gardeners prune plants, which is the correct time for most plants in the home landscape.
Snow Princess
Sweet alyssum hybrids enhance cool-season containers, landscape beds
(Distributed 01/23/15) HAMMOND, La. – New plants make gardening exciting. About five years ago, a new sweet alyssum variety started appearing in trial gardens and garden centers around the country. These are now well-established in the greenhouse trade and have added a great cool-season-to-warm-season transitional plant to the retail marketplace.
Gardenias need proper care in the landscape
(Distributed 01/16/15) HAMMOND, La. – One of the most widely planted landscape shrubs in Louisiana is the gardenia. Many times from the late fall through winter, you may see gardenias with yellow foliage and “poor-looking” growth. This is more of an “end-of-the-growing-season” look when old leaves are being lost and new foliage is preparing for spring emergence.
loblolly pine
Celebrate Arbor Day in La. on Jan. 16
(Distributed 01/09/15) HAMMOND, La. – Now is a great time to plant a tree in Louisiana. We observe Louisiana Arbor Day this year on Friday, Jan. 16.
AAS logo
All-America Selections named for 2015
(Distributed 01/02/15) HAMMOND, La. – Eight vegetables and four flowers have been named All-America Selection (AAS) winners for the 2015 gardening season. Each year, the best of the best in new flowers, bedding plants and vegetables receive this national recognition.
garden at Burden
It’s time for gardening resolutions
(Distributed 12/23/14) HAMMOND, La. – 2014 is winding down, and 2015 is near. When we think of resolutions for the coming year, most of us include losing weight, being more organized or simply an overall "being better." Resolutions are good goals to have.
amaryllis bulbs in greenhouse
Holiday amaryllis go well in Louisiana landscapes
(Distributed 12/19/14) HAMMOND, La. – Amaryllis is a popular holiday plant. Bulbs are commonly available from November to late December. Forcing them to bloom during winter is not difficult, and the results are beautiful.
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