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Gray leaf spot on St. Augustine
Diseases of Southern Turfgrasses (PDF)
This is the presentation given at the LTA Conference in Baton Rouge on January 6, 2011, which covers the identification and management of common diseases affecting warm-season southern turfgrasses in Louisiana.
Thriving Hostas for Southern Louisiana Landscapes
A hosta trial was conducted at the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station from 2009 to 2013 with the objective of selecting hostas for southern Louisiana and similar climate. Top 10 varieties were selected based on four years of evaluation. Varieties that do not return from winter dormancy and those exhibiting stresses are noted as well.
Fire Ant Control
Broadcast Baits for Fire Ant Control
A Southern IPM Center publication. When choosing a broadcast bait to control imported fire ants, consumers and professional pesticide applicators face a confusing array of brand names and active ingredients with varying product performances. This guide addresses common concerns about broadcast baits to help consumers and professionals choose products that best fit their needs and situations. (PDF Format Only)
sod production
Sod Production in Louisiana
Interest in commercial sod production has risen because of increased demand for an instant turf by many building contractors and their customers. This publication discusses basic cultural practices and equipment required to produce quality sod. (PDF format only)
Air-blast sprayer
Fungicide Application Recommendations for Pecan Disease Control
The key components of the effective use of fungicides for pecan disease control are timing, coverage and concentration. The updated 2012 fungicide list is included.
spider mites
Bug Biz: Twospotted Spider Mites in Strawberries
The twospotted spider mite is one of the most persistent and damaging pest problems affecting strawberry production in Louisiana. Damage, description, life cycle, monitoring, control information and color photos included. Spanish version also included. (PDF Format Only)
Group photo of people in front of large camellia
Camellia Garden at the Hammond Research Station
A two-acre camellia garden at the LSU AgCenter’s Hammond Research Station is now open again, thanks to the efforts of the Tangipahoa Parish Master Gardeners.
Results of the 2013 TSWV-resistant Tomato Variety Trial
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus-resistant tomato variety were grown at the Botanic Gardens at Burden to determine optimum yields.
belt drive to mower deck
How To Choose a Lawn/Garden Tractor - Power To Implements
A mower deck can’t cut grass unless it is connected to the tractor engine. This is usually done in one of two ways, with some possible permutations.
mower discharge chute
Safe Operation of Riding Mowers and Lawn/Garden Tractors
Riding mowers, lawn tractors, lawn and garden tractors, and garden tractors are large and powerful. They can be dangerous if not used safely.
Best Mowing Practices for Southern Turf
The good mowing practices are okay with most lawns and tall-cut turf. Tall cut grass often has more abuse tolerance by nature of more leaf area and more root mass. Low-cut turf does not have these extended benefits to draw from and requires the best mowing practices to sustain decent quality.
Saving Athletic Fields
A good sports field doesn’t just happen. Even well constructed fields will be worn out if over used or abused.To better sustain your current turf surface this year, manage these prime considerations.
Specialty cut flowers
Cut Flower Production Basics
Cut flowers can be a profitable crop in the Southern U.S. This manual provides basic information on the production of specialty cut flowers.
Sand Bunker Washout
Some sand bunkers are a nightmare to maintain. The structural stability of sand on a slope is a function of slope, type of sand and the amount of water. Knowledge of the following principles will show you where your problem lies and suggest what to do about it.
Topdressing Turfgrass Sod
The term ‘topdressing’ is used for both the material used and the process of adding a thin layer of material to the surface of a sod or seed bed.
damaged turfgrass
Cold Damages Turfgrass
Our warm-season grasses don’t like low temperatures. Some may show off colors because of chilling injury. Don't confuse this with disease and don't make it worse.
Basic Sports Field Maintenance
The turfgrass cover on playing fields definitely affects the play of the game. Field speed, ball roll and safety are all very much related to the turf condition. An attractive field is inspirational to the team and a pleasure to watch play on.
Fairway Maintenance
Two-thirds to three-quarters of the golf game is affected by the green; thus your first dollars should go toward a well-performing green.
Great fields promote great pride.
Athletic Turf Success
There are several things that will give all athletic fields success in keeping adequate turf cover on the field. Simply put, you must grow grass, avoid wearing it out and don’t have a mud pit.
Acid Soil Problems
Acidic soils (low pH) cause more gardening problems in Louisiana than any other soil factor. They affect so many other soil factors in both pest management and soil fertility.
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