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Gray leaf spot on St. Augustine
Diseases of Southern Turfgrasses (PDF)
This is the presentation given at the LTA Conference in Baton Rouge on January 6, 2011, which covers the identification and management of common diseases affecting warm-season southern turfgrasses in Louisiana.
Calculating Fertilizer Application Rates
The analysis or "formula" listed on the fertilizer bags tells you what is inside. This information lets you apply the proper amount of fertilizer.
Air-blast sprayer
Fungicide Application Recommendations for Pecan Disease Control
The key components of the effective use of fungicides for pecan disease control are timing, coverage and concentration. The updated 2015 fungicide list is included.
Acid Soil Problems
Acidic soils (low pH) cause more gardening problems in Louisiana than any other soil factor. They affect so many other soil factors in both pest management and soil fertility.
Dealing With Salinity
Soil salts affect turf mostly by withholding moisture from plant tissues. They may also compete for uptake of nutrient ions. Try these suggestions to manage a soil salinity situation.
When to Mow Greens
Mowing in the morning will give a longer time of high quality play during hours of play than mowing in afternoon or evening because of the way grass grows.
Overseeded turf image
Best Buy on Grass Seed
It takes some knowledge and research to select turfgrass species and varieties that are adapted to your site and that will perform well under their intended use and time of planting.
Adjusting Mid-Mount Tractor Mowers
Mid-mount mowers for lawn, garden, and compact tractors typically have (two or) three blades and are designed for quality mowing of turfgrass. They are not designed to cut tall, weedy grass. They have multiple gage wheels and rollers that allow a relatively low cutting height with minimal scalping.
Stella de Oro
Daylily Rust Control with Biofungicides
Daylily is an economically important nursery crop for Louisiana growers. It was relatively disease-free before the arrival of daylily rust in 2000. Commercial growers and homeowners rely solely on fungicides for rust control, which is expensive and time consuming. Biofungicides are biological or bio-rational alternatives that control disease by different modes of action. If effective, they can reduce control cost and provide resistance management tools.
spider mites
Bug Biz: Twospotted Spider Mites in Strawberries
The twospotted spider mite is one of the most persistent and damaging pest problems affecting strawberry production in Louisiana. Damage, description, life cycle, monitoring, control information and color photos included. Spanish version also included. (PDF Format Only)
Pest Ant Pub Cover
The Pest Ants of Louisiana: A Guide to Their Identification, Biology and Control
Ants range from mildly irritating to highly annoying. Knowing the species, its biology and potential control methods can help you manage them. This is a useful reference for pest management professionals, extension personnel and homeowners. A key to ants, color photographs, diagrams and a glossary are included. Spiral-bound copies are available for $12.50 each. To purchase using a major credit card, click on "order publication."
vertical shaft engine
How To Choose a Lawn/Garden Tractor - Engines
One of the factors that most affects both the capability of a lawn/garden tractor, and the price, is the engine.
Fertigation Uniformity from Sprinklers in a Nursery
Studies of water distribution uniformity and fertigation uniformity with sprinkler irrigation were conducted in a commercial container nursery. The first phase of the study consisted of determining water uniformity for two sprinkler heights. The second phase consisted of determining fertilizer application uniformity.
Group photo of people in front of large camellia
Camellia Garden at the Hammond Research Station
A two-acre camellia garden at the LSU AgCenter’s Hammond Research Station is now open again, thanks to the efforts of the Tangipahoa Parish Master Gardeners.
Commercial Growing of Greenhouse Tomatoes
Commercial Growing of Greenhouse Tomatoes
This publication includes information on soil preparation, fertilization, training, pruning, nutrient solutions, pollination, harvesting, marketing, and insect and disease control for greenhouse tomatoes. (PDF Format Only)
Flyer image
Argentine Ant: Feeding Preferences and Strategies
This poster discusses natural feeding preferences, adapted feeding preferences and feeding strategies of the Argentine Ant.
Core aerifier gang.
Soil Compaction in Turf
Areas that receive a lot of traffic usually become compacted. Soil particles are packed closer together, creating a root zone where there is little air, poor percolation of water and a tough medium for roots to grow in. The most effective form of relief for a compacted lawn is core aerification.
Safer Sports Possible When Played On Better Turf
Increased emphasis on safer sports turf has evolved greatly over the past years. About 20 years ago, two-thirds of reported sports injuries occurred on practice fields. Those fields were less maintained than game fields.
Great fields promote great pride.
Athletic Turf Success
There are several things that will give all athletic fields success in keeping adequate turf cover on the field. Simply put, you must grow grass, avoid wearing it out and don’t have a mud pit.
Fairway Maintenance
Two-thirds to three-quarters of the golf game is affected by the green; thus your first dollars should go toward a well-performing green.
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