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Tetramorium bicarinatum: Pavement Ants

Identification: Workers look like small (2mm-4mm), robust, yellow-brown ants, which are all the same size. All the workers have two pairs of spines on the back, and the abdomen is often darker than the rest of the body. The head may appear to be striped, and the body has sculpturing (Pest Ants of Louisiana). They sometimes are mistaken for minor workers of big-headed ants.

Biology: This is an introduced species that has been collected only in urban areas in Louisiana. They are extremely pestiferous in other parts of the country, so they have the ability to become a big problem. They will invade homes.

Treatment: Sweet liquid bait may suppress these ants in areas where they are a problem. If necessary, dust soffits and attics with contact insecticides. Eliminate items that give ants access to the structure, and consider an insecticidal barrier treatment around the structure. Be persistent, especially with the baits.

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