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Family discussion about flood
Preparing Your Family For a Flood
Talk with your family about any impending disaster. Family support and preparation can be key to successful readiness and future recovery.
Flooded home
Preparing Your Home For a Flood
Your home is one of the largest financial and emotional investments you are likely to make. Advanced planning and preparation can reduce flood damage to your home and belongings in times of disaster.
NFIP Claims and Levees: What you need to know
Flood Insurance and Levees
FEMA released a Levees Brochure during the Spring 2011 Floods, explaining NFIP coverage behind levees, for protective measures and the waiting period. This page is copied directly from that brochure and includes a PDF of the original document as an attachment.
Cleaning Carpets and Floors After a Storm or Flood
It's best to get professional cleaners to work on carpets and floors, but this may not be possible. In any case, begin cleanup as soon as possible.
Post Hurricane Lawn Establishment
Some lawns were lost to the flood waters and some were only hurt in spots. Dead areas will have to be replanted, or a weed patch will result. Some forethought before planting may save time, effort and money.
Recovery and Rebuilding Online Info
2013 Hurricanes
Louisiana faces serious flood threats during tropical storms and hurricanes from a combination of surge and inland rain. This site directs you to information you can use to understand how predicted flood levels may impact you, how you can reduce flood damage and how you can recover and rebuild once the floodwaters recede.
Contracting for Pemanent Repairs
If it is necessary to complete the repairs, however, it is important to receive good quality work, or major deterioration may appear later. Outside contractors and companies will enter the area to offer their services. Some are honest and will do an adequate job, but be careful in working with outside contractors.
unemployed worker
Strategies for Coping with Job Loss
It is important to keep a variety of factors in mind as you attempt to cope with job loss. This document provides tips and strategies for coping.
Publication cover
A floodwall is a self-supporting barrier to floodwater. It may look like a garden wall or privacy fence, but it has more internal reinforcing and a more substantial foundation. This heavier construction keeps the wall from tipping or sliding. The foundation also blocks seepage of water under the wall. This publication includes information on the cost, considerations and construction of floodwalls. (PDF format only)
trawling boat
Determining Seafood Safety in an Oil Spill
Ways to determine seafood safety after an oil spill: detecting taint, the sniff test, and the smell test.
moldy wall
Avoiding Mold Hazards in Your Waterdamaged Home
A flood-damaged building requires special attention to avoid or correct a mold population explosion.
Disaster Recovery: Good News About Your Homeowners Insurance Policy
Although your policy may not cover flood damage to your home, it does offer some protection from loss caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes.
Flood Insurance Provides Coverage for Emergency Protective Measures
The flood insurance policy provides limited coverage for expenses you incur trying to protect insured property from flood damage.
Image of wrapping with polyethylene
Emergency Protection from Rising Water
Guide to information about emergency measures you can use to protect property from flooding (rising water). Includes links to Web pages, fact sheets (PDF files) and videos.
Disaster Recovery Managing on a Suddenly Reduced Income
Disaster Recovery: Managing on a Suddenly Reduced Income
Louisiana families impacted by disaster often experience a sudden reduction in income that can be financially and emotionally traumatic. Reduce this hardship by taking positive action.
Slime Mold ‘Sinister,’ But Not Harmful To Lawn
Even though Louisiana falls are usually dry, rain eventually comes. After long, extended wet periods, a sinister looking fungus or slime may appear, attacking lawns in the cooler season ahead.
Chainsaw Safety Questions
Chainsaws are equipped with safety features such as chain brakes and chain catchers that should not be removed. Chainsaw safety starts when you purchase the saw.
Tenants Have Many Rights After A Disaster
If you rent or lease an apartment, house or business building and the structure is damaged in a natural disaster, read your lease carefully to determine what you need to do regarding damages, terminating the lease, securing temporary housing and other matters, advises LSU AgCenter family economics professor Dr. Ann Berry.
Follow Recommended Steps To File Insurance Claims After Hurricanes
As hurricane evacuees are allowed to return to their homes, LSU AgCenter family economics professor Dr. Ann Berry makes several recommendations for filing insurance claims.
Surprise! Homeowner's Insurance Policy Offers Good News After A Disaster
Many people are surprised about the extent of protection their homeowner's insurance policy offers. Although your policy may not cover flood damage to your home, it does offer some protection from loss due to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, according to LSU AgCenter family economics professor Dr. Ann Berry.
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