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Performance of Corn Hybrids in Louisiana 2009

Performance of corn hybrids is annually evaluated by Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station (LAES) researchers. The purpose of these trials is to provide to Louisiana growers, seedsmen, county agents of the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service (LCES) and other interested individuals and organizations with unbiased performance data for commercial corn hybrids submitted for evaluation by private agencies.

The cooperating LAES units in 2009 were: Dean Lee Research Station, Alexandria; Red River Research Station, Bossier City; Northeast Research Station, St. Joseph; and Northeast Research Station-Macon Ridge Branch, Winnsboro.


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Fcover2009.pdf Front Cover 703.94 KB
S0ic2009.pdf Inside Cover 53.43 KB
S1.pdf LAES Research Summary 183 - Entire report including all items below 863.00 KB
T1.pdf Introduction - Procedures, Traits & Rating Scale, and Results 38.96 KB
T2.pdf Corn Hybrid Performance Trial at the Dean Lee Research - Alexandria 44.33 KB
T3.pdf Corn Hybrid Performance Trial at the Red River Research Station – Bossier City 31.67 KB
T4.pdf Corn Hybrid Performance Trial on Commerce silt loam at the Northeast Research Station – St. Joseph 44.75 KB
T5.pdf Corn Hybrid Performance Trial on Sharkey clay at the Northeast Research Station – St. Joseph 42.36 KB
T6-7.pdf Corn Hybrid Performance Trial at the Macon Ridge Branch of the Northeast Research Station – Winnsboro 47.26 KB
T8.pdf List of participating seed companies and hybrids tested in the LAES 2009 corn hybridperformance trials 33.68 KB
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