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Click on (above) or scroll to (below) the part of the plant where you suspect insect pest damage is occurring on your blueberry plants. Then, click on each symptom you see on your plants. You will be brought to a page indicating which insect(s) may be causing the damage. For symptoms that may involve more than one insect, you will be brought to a page listing these insects. For pages listing two or more insects, click on the different links for each insect to find more information. Remember, problems in blueberry plantings could be the result of several factors. Check with your local Cooperative Extension Service office to determine the exact cause of any problems encountered before implementing control measures.

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fire ant damage to blueberries
Fire ant damage to blueberry. Photo by Jerry A. Payne, USDA/ARS,
Calloused scar
(evidence of biting/chewing)
Deep corkey scars     Premature berry drop

Collapsed berries 
Soft depressions in berries Punctured berries
Damaged berries
Frass (insect waste) Silk webbing

Dead berries


Soft and mushy


Blueberry blossom weevil damage.
Blueberry blossom weevils can drill holes in the blueberry flower buds. Photo by Jerry A. Payne, USDA/ARS,
Buds fall to ground Hardened buds Injured buds Reduction (20% - 80%) flower bud/fruit loss
Dead buds Holes drilled in buds Blistering outside of bud scales


blueberry tip borer damage
Blueberry shoot with leaves turning brown from the tip end as a result of blueberry tip borer infestation. Photo courtesy of Mark Longstroth, Michigan State University Entomology.
Chewed leaves Defoliated leaves Rolled leaves

Crinkled leaves
Dried leaves
Skeletonized leaves

Curled leaves
Gall formation on leaves
Sooty mold

Dead leaves
Punctured leaves
Swollen leaves

Deformed leaves

White cast skins

Distorted leaves

Yellowed leaves


blueberry mealy bug
High populations of the blueberry mealybug can lead to poor plant growth and decline. Photo courtesy of John Meyer, North Carolina State University.
Poor plant growth and decline


Japanese beetle grub.
C-shaped grubs of Japanese beetles are found in soil under grassy areas. Photo courtesy of the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service Plant Diagnostic Website.
Dead roots

White, fluffy material found near roots


Stink bug on blueberry.
Stink bugs can cause blueberry seeds to flatten and shrivel by sucking sap from the seeds. Photo by Jerry A. Payne, USDA Agricultural Research Service,
Flattened/shriveled seeds


blueberry stem borer damage
Blueberry stem borer damage. Photo by Jim Baker, North Carolina State University.
Galls, brown or green Scarring/Tunneling Sooty mold

Kidney-shaped or
spherical growths
Shortened internodes Stunting

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