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crawfish manual
Crawfish Production Manual
Commercial sales of crawfish in Louisiana date back to the late 1800s, and today's crawfish industry includes millions of pounds harvested from farms and natural habitats in the state. This publication covers a wide range of topics on crawfish production, including crawfish biology, pond design, forage management, stocking, water quality, harvesting, marketing and much more. (PDF Format Only)
Crawifsh News April 2012
Crawifsh News April 2012 (Vol 5, No 2)
This newsletter covers stocking recommendations for crawfish, controlling white river crawfish in ponds, recommendations on when to stop trapping, and the estimated 2011 farm-raised and wild crawfish harvest in Louisiana.
A Review of Component Options
A Review of Component Options
Most fish grown in ponds, floating net pens or raceways can be reared in commercial-scale recirculating systems, but the economic feasibility of doing so is not certain. The challenge to designers of recirculating systems is to maximize production capacity per dollar of capital invested.
Crawfish. A Healthy Choice!
Crawfish A Healthy Choice!
This article provides basic nutritional information on crawfish and guidelines for handling and care of live crawfish and crawfish tail-meat products. Several crawfish recipes are included.
Biology and Life History
Red Drum: Biology and Life History
The red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) is a marine fish that naturally ranges from Central Mexico on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to Massachusetts on the Atlantic Ocean. Red drum have been taken in small numbers by commercial fishermen on the Atlantic Coast for many years, but the species is important only on the Gulf Coast.
How do I build a pond? Where can I get fish to stock my pond? What do I do about these aquatic weeds? These are all questions that are frequently asked in regards to recreational ponds. This document answers these questions and more.
Aquaculture BMP
Aquaculture Environmental Best Management Practices
BMPs for aquaculture enterprises are a specific set of practices used by growers to reduce the amount of soil, nutrients, pesticides and microbial contaminants entering surface water and groundwater while maintaining or improving productivity. This BMP manual is a guide for the selection, implementation and management of practices that will help growers conserve soil and protect water and air resources. (PDF format only)
Crawfish News March 2012 (Vol 5, No 1)
Crawfish News March 2012 (Vol 5, No 1)
This newsletter provides a explanation to the slow start of the 2011-2012 crawfish season, proper methods for handling crawfish post-harvest, managing low oxygen in crawfish ponds, and general harvest recommendations.
Practical Management Tools To Produce Big Crawfish
Practical Management Tools To Produce Big Crawfish
This slide presentation presented to the Louisiana Seafood Industry Advisory Council reviews biological and environmental factors that influence and control production of larger, more valuable, crawfish by farmers.
Crawfish News January 2008
Crawfish News, January 2008 (Vol 1, No 1)
January 2008 Crawfish News. This newsletter covers information on baits and baiting recommendations, commercial species of crawfish in Louisiana, algal scum problems in crawfish ponds and locations for February 2008 crawfish producer meetings.
 Enjoying Ornamental Ponds in Louisiana
Enjoying Ornamental Ponds in Louisiana
This publication outlines some of the options for design, operation and maintenance of ornamental ponds and discusses basic environmental requirements of fish and plants commonly grown in these ponds. 20 pages. Full color. (PDF Format Only)
LSU Catfish Research and Extension Contacts
This list is comprised of contact information for catfish experts within the LSU Agricultural Center and the LSU - Baton Rouge campus.
Crawfish News Nuisance Wildlife Control
Crawfish News, Jan 09 (Vol 2, No 1)
This newsletter addresses nuisance wildlife control, proper handling and transport of crawfish to maximize shelf life, environmental factors that could influence the low fall-early winter catch, and the background and history on the Louisiana Crawfish Promotion and Research Board
Greenhouse Tilapia Production in Louisiana
Greenhouse Tilapia Production in Louisiana
Information on recirculating production systems, fingerling sources, stocking and harvest management, regulatory considerations, economics and markets are included in this publication. (PDF Format Only)
Crawfish Aquaculture - Marketing
Crawfish Aquaculture - Marketing
This article discusses various aspects of marketing crawfish with emphasis on Louisiana. Topics covered include: seasonal and annual supply, influence of Chinese imports on the industry, pricing, product forms, including live and processed product, marketing influences, purging and cleaning, transporting and storing live crawfish, production strategies for identified markets, and regulations and permits.
LSU Alligator Research and Extension Contacts
Alligator Contacts Within the LSU Agricultural Center and LSU Baton Rouge Campus
Crawfish Aquaculture in the South
(Video) Crawfish are a favorite among consumers, and their market continues to grow. Getting crawfish to market is not as easy at it looks.Take a look at how crawfish farmers produce one of America's favorite crustaceans.
Salt Fact Sheet
Cocahoe Minnow Salt Fact Sheet
Cocahoe minnows require a minimal salinity to grow and thrive. The type of water you use and the type of salt can make a large difference in the survival and growth of these fish.
Females with young
Effects of Food Limitations On Crawfish Reproduction
Limited food resources near the end of the crawfish production season resulted in lower reproduction. Moreover, short-term feeding with high protein/high energy feeds in forage depleted ponds before crawfish burrowing seemed to mitigate the food shortages and even increased the spawning rate over those crawfish from ponds rich in forage.
Channel Catfish:  Life History and Biology
Channel Catfish: Life History and Biology
Channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus (Rafinesque), is the most important species of aquatic animal commercially cultured in the United States.
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