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LSU AgCenter News Articles


Sabliov looks to nanotechnology to create healthier foods

Working together key to biotechnology success in Louisiana


Louisiana University Technology Showcase Set for November 14 in New Orleans

Pitch perfect: Getting a lift


Commercialization and Tech Transfer Task Force Group Meets in Shreveport

Wheat and Oat Breeding: Intellectual Property Guarded, Used and Shared


Louisiana Agriculture. Fall 2012. Moving Technologies into The Marketplace

LSU AgCenter experiences year of growth

LSU AgCenter is a rainmaker when it comes to research royalties

Office of Intellectual Property Turns 25


David Boethel leaves a legacy


LSU AgCenter Research Highlights

University professor develops new oil skimmer


Commercialization of Intellectual Property at the LSU AgCenter


Six More Inducted Into LSU AgCenter Patent Club


3 More Inducted Into LSU AgCenter Patent Club

LSU AgCenter Technology Acquired By Industrial Biotechnology Corp.

Black Raspberry May Be a New Cancer Fighter

The Mighty Termite: Scientists work to corral the spread


LSU AgCenter Lauds 8 New Patent Recipients

Brains Bring Bounty: Louisiana Benefits From LSU AgCenter Intellectual Property

Alligator ‘Leftovers’ May Yield New Products

Researchers Looking To Change Rice, Improve Diets

3 New LSU AgCenter Rice Varieties Debut In 2005


Forage Research Contributes to Patent for ‘Little Phillip’
(Page 24 of Louisiana Agriculture 2004 Winter issue)

Future Cinnamon Products To Help Fight Type 2 Diabetes, Says LSU AgCenter Nutritionist

LSU AgCenter Recognizes 5 New Patent Recipients

Two New Sugarcane Varieties Released

Clearfield Variety Helps Farmers Intensify Battle with Red Rice

Sweet Potato New Varieties Get Patents

New Rice Variety Developed for Crawfish Famers


'Scarebot’ reduces bird predation on ponds

New Vaccine Increases Broiler Breeder Chicken Production

Transforming Chickens to Lay ‘Golden’ Eggs


New Patent May Boost Coastal Fish Farming
(Page 24 of Louisiana Agriculture Summer 2002 issue)


New Patented Process Helps Diagnose Insecticide Resistance


LSU Agricultural Center Researchers Develop Termite Detection System
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