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Welcome to the New Plant Varieties page. We have an ever growing list of innovations in this field. Come see what we have to offer, and you may just find the seed you need to sprout tomorrow's greatest plant variety. 

Cordgrass for Coastal Restoration
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AgCenter scientists have developed several fast-growing varieties of smooth cordgrass to promote stable, long-term coastal restoration. These new varieties increase genetic diversity and allow greater adaptation to environmental changes. The cordgrasses also produce a high number of viable seeds that could allow them to quickly establish a wide area and provide dense coverage. The varieties are most effective in natural brackish and saline marsh environments.

Purple Bran Rice
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LSU AgCenter scientists have created a new rice line with a brilliant purple color. This variety has an increased level of antioxidants. It also has a much higher quality than rice of similar types and possesses many long-grain characteristics, such as very tall stalks and fewer days to maturity.