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Character Critters

Happiness is Helping With Children

One of the special treats in 4-H family life is that you can start learning about children and begin helping to take care of them. Of course, you wouldn't want to do this without an adult around. One good idea is to ask to be a "Mother's Helper." This means a lot more than just playing with children. It means thinking about safety rules, the correct way for children to learn how to behave and good activities to help entertain children. Ask your parents or other adults to teach you how to do this. If you start to learn now, parents will be able to trust you in a few years to take good care of their children. As you grow older you can participate in the 4-H Babysitter program.

Read a Picture Book to a Child

It is fun to read a picture book to a child. You will find that children have special ideas that will amaze you. The child will like the attention you give while you read. Each time you are a "Mother's Helper," read at least one book to a child. Here's an idea of what to read to different age groups:
Toddlers - Books must be simple, maybe only five pages. Use simple words.
Preschoolers - Stories can be longer but must be about things the child knows - family, pets, play, etc.
Kindergartners - Use more words. The story can be 10-20 pages but needs good pictures on each page. Kindergartners like stories about themselves or characters they can remember and like. Character Critters are great stories for Kindergartners.
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