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Project Butterfly Wings

Project Butterfly Wings
Butterflies are the best way to begin to study the world of insects. Insects can appear to be strange and threatening to numerous people. However, nothing is scary about butterflies; they are beautiful and and impossible to resist. Many scientists began their careers with an interest in butterflies.

This book, "Project Butterfly Wings," will give an introduction of the world of butterflies and insects. The book is broken down into differect sections. It goes through explore, learn, contribute, and investigate.

The goals of the project are as follows:
  • Engage youth in science
  • Youth learn about butterflies and their role in the environment, and our connection with them.
  • Youth contribute to authentic, hands-on collaborative research with scientists
  • engage youth in guided and youth initiated inquiry

How this project plans to achieve these goals is as follows:

  • Youth make new discoveries through regular outdoor exploration
  • youth participate in investigations of butterfly biodiversity, distribution and other butterfly topics
  • Youth participate in citizen science through long-term butterfly monitoring
  • Leaders empower youth to make decisions about what they want to learn

Activity Example:
Monarch Migration Destination
Explain that you are going to plan a pretend trip to find a winter h ome of Mondarch butterflies. The research to plan the trip may be done in groups or individually. The exmaple planning questions may be distributed ahead of time or the activity can be done during a meeting. Ask questions such as "Where are possible destinations?" and "When will you go?" to help you plan your trip. After the project is finished, remember to reflect and connect.

Look at your local 4-H office to find this project book and many more. You can also visit and

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