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Backpacking Expeditions 9-12

"Backpacking Expeditions" is the third book in The Outdoor Adventure Series. This series is designed in such a way that youth will practice and develop the life skills of relating to others, making decisions, and communicating with others. It also aids in planning and safely conducting camping, backpacking, and wilderness excursions.

This project book has three specific guidelines to achieve:
  • set your goals and record your Outdoor Adventures project highlights
  • complete the before and after "What do you know?" evaluation
  • complete the Backpacking Expeditions Achievement Program within three years
Each chapter of this guide is loaded with fun-filled activities. The activities help you prepare to go on challenging backpacking trips. You will learn how to pack your backpack for a multi-day trip, including what you'll need for shelter, clothing, and cooking. Backpacking is a challenging activity, but one that brings many rewards- a sense of achievement, a beautiful view and new connections with the people in your hiking group. Backpacking will teach you new things about yourself as well as about the natural world around you. You will be encouraged to apply the skills you learn through Outdoor Adventures to your daily life - such as decision making, problem solving, communicating with others and more.

Each activity invites you to explore a specific topic related to backpacking. Other images will let you know that there is more information available for you to learn. They also give you additional tips and tricks related to backpacking, connect you to environmental issues related to backpacking and enjoying the natural world, and encourage you to attempt additional activities pertaining to the topic.

Sample Activity: To select the right backpack for you, you'll want to make sure you know the most critical measurements. First complete the information asking for these measurements and then estimate how much weight you can carry. Finally at an outfitter or gear rental shop, try on a variety of different packs that fit your measurements and the amount of weight you estimated it could carry. Fully describe brand, price, size, comfort level, and the features of the backpack you feel will be best for you.

Contact your local 4-H Office for this project book.
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