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April 1st marks the beginning of Healthy Homes Month, a time to spread awareness of the best methods and techniques to maintain a safe and healthy indoor environment.

A healthy home does not contain common indoor hazards and irritants that can be dangerous. This includes lead, radon, mold or fine particulate matter that irritates the respiratory system. Additionally, a healthy home promotes aging in place and better accessibility for family members that use mobility assistive devices like walkers, canes or wheelchairs.

The following tips can help maintain a healthy home:

  • Run a vent fan or hood - When cooking or taking a shower, be sure to turn the vent hood or exhaust fan on to remove steam from rooms. Excess steam from showering could lead to mold or moisture problems in the bathroom, and cooking can release fine particulate matter that irritates the respiratory system. Turning on the vent fan or exhaust during and for about ten minutes after cooking or showering can ensure the air stays clean and free of irritants.
  • Maintain a relative humidity between 30 and 50%- Maintaining a relative humidity between 30 and 50% ensures your air is not too dry and prevents excess moisture in your home which can lead to mold and moisture problems. If you are unsure of the relative humidity in your home, you can use a hygrometer to ensure your home’s humidity is at a healthy level.
  • Hire professionals to handle mold, lead or radon - If you suspect your home has a mold, lead or radon problem, you should let a professional test the space and remove the problem. These pollutants can significantly impact our health and should only be mitigated by a professional to ensure they are removed safely.
  • Consider threshold ramps for those with limited mobility - If you have family members that use devices like wheelchairs or walkers, consider installing small threshold ramps. These small additions to doorways can reduce the risk of falling when thresholds are raised. These ramps allow for smoother access to all parts of the home.
  • Install grab bars in the bathroom to prevent falls - Slips and falls are common in bathrooms especially when moving from a wheelchair to the bathtub or to the toilet. Grab bars come in many different designs and can be quickly installed to provide extra support for those with limited mobility to safely maneuver around the bathroom.
  • Prioritize safety with cleaning supplies - Poisonous cleaning products should be properly stored and locked away to prevent young children and pets from accessing these products. Be sure to use proper ventilation when using chemicals to clean your home and never transfer products out of their original packaging to prevent accidental poisoning. Finally, be cautious of mixing certain cleaning supplies as this can produce toxic fumes that are very dangerous.

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