LaHouse Blog: Securing your home with FORTIFIED Gold

A FORTIFIED Gold home combines the previous designation, Roof and Silver, with additional protections for the home.

First, a FORTIFIED Gold home features a continuous load path to secure all parts of the home to the foundation. Using different metal clips from the roof to the wall, from story to story and from wall to floor, ensures that different levels of a home are connected and protected from wind uplift. If properly connected, securing the home to the foundation can protect the home during high speed winds and severe weather.

This designation also requires that windows, doors and garage doors all be wind pressure rated to protect the home. This means that certain doors and windows must be used to prevent damage during a storm. Without the wind pressure rating protection, a blown in door or broken window can cause significant water damage and lead to roof uplift during a storm. Finally, the Gold designation requires that sheathing used is impact resistant to prevent damage from wind and debris. This prevents damage to walls from wind and debris.

When combined with the waterproof elements of a FORTIFIED Roof and the additional impact protections of FORTIFIED Silver, a FORTIFIED Gold home is the best way to protect your home from severe weather.

To find FORTIFIED professionals in your area, check out the FORTIFIED website.

Roof to wall connections. Story to story connections. Wall to foundation connection.
Roof to wall connections. Story to story connections. Wall to foundation connection.
3/27/2024 4:33:56 PM
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