2024 Achievement Day

Achievement Day is our Final Contest Day of the 4-H Year and Awards Program. 4-H members compete in individual and team contests as well as club contests. We will hold a traditional Achievement Day this year on May 4, 2024, at Evergreen Junior High School. What does a traditional Achievement Day look like? It’s all in one day….. contests in the morning and awards in the afternoon.

Achievement Day Schedule:

9:00 a.m. Opening Ceremonies

9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. 4-H Contests and Activities

12:45 p.m. Fashion Show

1:00 p.m. Song Contest (school clubs)

Awards will begin after the song/yell contest.

Concessions will be sold.

Our theme this year is “Get Connected with 4-H!”

There are many ways to interpret this theme. We can think of social media, highways, electricity, puzzle pieces, etc. One thing is for sure, 4-H has a way of connecting you to new experiences, friendships, and so much more.

General Contest Information

4-H members can participate in any of the 4-H contests, which will be held on May 4, 2024, at Evergreen Junior High School. 4-H members participating in contests will compete according to grade level divisions.Cloverbuds can participate in all contests and will receive participation certificates. Members are allowed one entry in each contest.

Dress Code

Casual dress is permitted. Short-shorts, spaghetti-strap shirts, halter tops, torn or extremely baggy clothing, or mini-skirts/dresses are not allowed. Jeans, shorts, and t-shirts will be permitted. If you are dressed inappropriately, you will be asked to phone home.

4-H Members will compete according to Divisions.

Cloverbud Division

Division 1 – grades 4 and 5

Division 2 – 6, 7, and 8 grades

Division 3 – grades 9, 10, 11, and 12

The following guidelines will help members prepare for the 4-H contests.

Demonstration Contest

This is a general how-to demonstration with a very broad topic base. Members can do demonstrations on any appropriate subject they choose. A demonstration is simply showing how to do something while telling how to do it. There is always a finished product. A demonstration should contain an Introduction (introduce self and partner); tell what your demonstration is about. A Body (tell along with showing what and how to do the task and why you chose this demonstration) Final section is a Summary (give brief summary, show finished product, and ask if there are questions). You need a title poster, supply poster, and poster with steps on how you do or make what you demonstrated.

  1. An individual 4-H member or a team of two 4-H members may conduct the demonstration.No more than 2 members may be on a team. Team members must be from the same school and in the same grade.
  2. Demonstrations should range in length of 3-4 minutes.A copy of the demonstration is not needed.Bring all equipment and other items needed for your demonstration. Live animals cannot be used for demonstration.
  3. Only one team demo and one individual demo entry allowed per 4-H member.

4-H Public Speaking

4-H members prepare a short speech on any subject and deliver before the judges.

  1. Contestant may speak on any appropriate topic. Speeches should be 3-4 minutes in length.
  2. Posters or other illustrated materials may be used.
  3. Only one speech entry allowed per 4-H member.

Career Preparation/Good Grooming Interview Contest

4-H members will complete a resume and participate in an in-person interview.

  1. Boys and girls will compete separately in Division 1 and 2 and will compete according to grade level divisions.Boys and girls in 9th-12th grades will compete together in the same division.
  2. 4-H members must complete and submit a resume for this contest. Resume forms will be distributed at 4-H club meetings and can be obtained from the 4-H office. Resume forms must be submitted to judges on the day of the contest. Participants without resume forms will not be allowed to participate in this contest. Resume forms will not be available on the day of the contest.
  3. A judge will interview participants. The interview will be 2-3 minutes in length. Judges will ask questions concerning resume information. Participants will be scored on participation in the interview, manners, speaking ability, overall appearance, and resume completion and neatness.
  4. Participants must be dressed nicely. Participants dressed in shorts, jeans, t-shirts, jogging suits, and/or tennis shoes will not be allowed to participate in this contest.

Career Preparation Resume

4-H Fashion Revue

1.Do you like fashion? If so, you can enter the Terrebonne Parish 4-H Fashion Review. The contest will be held on Achievement Day. Any 4-H’er can participate in this parish activity. To participate in this contest, contact Ms. Cherie Roger at 985-873-6495 for registration forms by March 27, 2024.Registration forms and garments will be due to the 4-H office by April 22, 2024.

Plant Science Contest

  1. Any 4-H member will be allowed to participate in this contest.
  2. The contest will consist of a written test and plant identification test.

Photography Contest

  1. Any 4-H member will be allowed to participate in this contest.
  2. The contest will consist of a written test pertaining to material from the 4-H Photography project book.
  3. Members who participate in this contest on Achievement Day Contest Days should also bring a photo sample. The photo sample should be a picture taken by the 4-H member, no bigger than 5x7 attached to a standard sized paper. Write a brief paragraph describing your picture.
  4. Photo and description must be turned in at Achievement Day Contest Day (May 4).

Art Contest

Art Contest (will take place May 4 at Achievement Day Awards)

1. Any 4-H member will be allowed to participate in this contest. Cloverbuds will receive participation.

2. The 4-H member will be allowed to enter no more than one entry per category.

3. The 4-H members should have completed the Art project mostly on their own, with minimal help from an adult.


5. Items must have been made by the child during the last 12 months and never previously exhibited.

6. Categories:

Woodworking – any wood project made by the 4-H member.

Painting- watercolor, tempera, poster, acrylic, etc. can be used. Paper, canvas, wood, glass, and other surfaces can be used. The painting should not be larger than 16 X 20. Paintings do not have to be framed.

Drawing - pencil, charcoal, colored chalk, pastels, oil pastels, colored pencils, markers, etc. Paper drawings should be mounted on a board. The completed picture should be no larger than 11x14.

Recycled art – Your entry must be made from used items that would otherwise be thrown away or recycled such as metals, paper, rubber, glass, plastics, or cloth to name a few.

4-H Art/Craft—Any 4-H art or craft that includes a 4-H theme or clover.

7. The 4-H member does not pre-register for this contest. Items are to be brought to Achievement Day May 4, 2024, and be registered that morning. Art contest registration will be from 8:45 a.m.- 9:00 a.m. All art must be picked up at the end of Achievement Day Awards.

8. Ribbons will be awarded.

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