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FORTIFIED Silver, the second tier of the FORTIFIED standard, focuses on protecting the openings of the home and securing them in the event of high-speed wind.

FORTIFIED Silver also requires all the necessary elements of a FORTIFIED Roof. In addition to this, it requires additional bracing at the gable ends of a home and secure attachments like porches and chimneys.

There are many options available to homeowners for window protection. LaHouse displays many different models of hurricane shutters at various different price points.

These shutters are common on Louisiana homes but are often superficial rather than functional. However, there are options available that can open and shut quickly before a storm to protect windows. These shutters come in a variety of colors to fit any home’s aesthetic and maintain curbside appeal.

LaHouse also features hurricane-rated shutters in a Bahama style that closes downwards. These are another option that can be quickly shut before a storm and mimic another popular shutter style.

These panels are another option that is slightly less expensive than the functional shutters but requires more work prior to a storm. Once the track is installed above and below your windows, these panels can be put up and taken down as needed and secured to the windows. LaHouse displays a beige option, they are commonly transparent to allow some light to come in through the window during a storm.

The other popular option of shutters is accordion style shutters. These are installed to the sides of your window and fold to the sides until needed. Before a storm, they slide together and are locked with a key to protect the window. These are the cheapest shutter options available at LaHouse but do still offer great protection compared to plywood.

Regardless of which shutters you choose, all options offer a more proactive and better option compared to plywood. Additionally, all of these options are significantly less work and can be done much more quickly.

1/19/2024 9:03:39 PM
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