January 4-H Newsletter

4-H Achievement Day Slogan Contest

Achievement Day is our Final Contest Day of the 4-H Year and Awards Program. 4-H members compete in individual and team contests as well as club contests. A lot more information about Achievement Day will be shared soon. We will hold a traditional Achievement Day this year on May 4, 2024. What does a traditional Achievement Day look like? It’s all in one day….. contests in the morning and awards in the afternoon.

What will be the theme for the 2024 4-H Achievement Day?

Send us your most creative ideas for a slogan—in 7 words or less. The winning slogan will be one that is brief and “catchy”, capturing the spirit of 4-H; especially Terrebonne Parish 4-H. The winner will receive a $25.00 cash award.

Submit your entry no later than January 26, 2024, by email to croger@agcenter.lsu.edu or using the form below. The subject of the email MUST read 2024 4-H Achievement Day Theme Contest. Include the following information in the email: member’s first and last name, school name, and grade. Make sure you receive a reply email from Mrs. Cherie to confirm your submission.

One entry per 4-H member.

Example Achievement Day Slogans that have been used:

4-H….The Recipe for Success!

Anchor Yourself in 4-H

Caution: Future Leaders Under Construction!

May the FOURTH be with you!


Achievement Day Theme Entry Form

Name: ______________________________________________________

School: __________________________________ Grade:____________

Slogan: ______________________________________________________

Entries can be emailed, mailed, or dropped off at the 4-H office. Mail the entry above to Terrebonne 4-H, 8026 Main Street, Suite 402, Houma, LA 70360, or drop off at the 4-H office (8026 Main Street, Suite 402, Houma, LA 70360).

4-H Poultry and Egg Cookery & Pet Show Results

Thanks to all 4-H members who participated in the Poultry and Egg Cookery and Pet Show. Our participation in parish wide events continues to increase! We LOVE to see you all participate! A special thanks to all volunteers who made the day possible. A special clover thanks to Evergreen Junior High School and Ms. V for hosting the cookery and pet show.

Overall Egg Champion: Elijah Nguyen, HJH

Egg Champions

  • Egg Main Dish: Ryleigh Fitch, Montegut Middle
  • Appetizer/Salad: Mason Lirette, St. Francis 4-H
  • Egg Dessert: Elijah Nguyen, HJH

Overall Poultry Champion: Madelyn Nguyen, THS

Poultry Champions

  • Chicken: Madison Naquin. St. Bernadette
  • Turkey/Turkey Products: Madelyn Nguyen, THS
  • Other Poultry: Emileigh LeBouef, Caldwell Middle

4-H Summer Camp

This summer, Terrebonne 4-H members have the opportunity to attend summer camp May 27-May 30, 2024. If you are a 4-H member in 4th-6th and you are interested in attending 4-H summer camp you must complete a Summer Camp Application and return it to the 4-H office.

You can get the application from your club leader or the 4-H office. Applications are due to the 4-H office by February 5, 2024.The camp is held at the LSU AgCenter’s Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center, an 80-acre campsite located near Pollock, LA. 4-H camp begins on Monday and campers return home on Thursday. Transportation is provided to and from camp.

2024 Camp Application

Beef, Sugar, and Sweet Potato Cookery Results

Thanks to all 4-H members who participated in the last 4-H cookery for the year, the Beef, Sugar, and Sweet Potato Cookery. Thanks to all volunteers who made the day possible. A special thanks to Mulberry Elementary School and Ms. Jennie, Ms. Stacey, and Ms. Candy for hosting our cookery.

Overall Beef Champion: Cullen Schulte, HC

Overall Sugar Champion: Sophia Nguyen, HJH

Overall Sweet Potato Champion: Jace Tharp, St. Bernadette

Beef Champions

  • Low Calorie Main Dish: Hadley Carreras, St. Francis 4-H
  • One Dish Meal: Cullen Schulte, HC
  • Quick and Easy: Gianna Eschete, St. Bernadette

Sugar Champions

  • Any Other: Sophia Nguyen, HJH
  • Cookies: Logan Bardarson, HC
  • Cakes: Cooper Fakier, St. Francis 4-H
  • Candy: Cali Schulte, Mulberry 4-H
  • Pies: Charlie Boudreaux, Mulberry 4-H

Sweet Potato

  • Dessert: Jace Tharpe. St. Bernadette
  • Any Other: Kersten Duplantis, CCA

Christmas Card Contest

Thanks for helping us spread cheer during the Christmas season by entering the Christmas Card contest. Winners of the Christmas Card Contest:

Elementary Division (4th – 6th grade)

  • 1st Madison Naquin, St. Bernadette and Bailey Buquet, CCA
  • 2nd Kamryn Dumond, Lisa Park and Vayah Kern, CCA
  • 3rd Jack White, HC and Ava Cadiere, Bourg

Junior Division (7th-8th grade)

  • 1st Caroline Stacom, HC
  • 2nd Lexi Callais, HJH
  • 3rd Quinn Pellegrin, Terrebonne Homeschool

Senior Division (9th – 12th grade)

  • 1st Felicity Messina, HL
  • 2nd Sara Zeng, HC
  • 3rd Makayla Rhodes, Terrebonne Homeschool
  • Overall Grand Champion: Madison Naquin, St. Bernadette
  • Overall Reserve Grand Champion: Felicity Messina, HL

Christmas Ornament Contest Results

Great job to all who participated in the Christmas Ornament Contest and service project.

Elementary Division (4th – 6th grade)

Paint Brush Ornaments:

  • 1st Charley Moss, St. Francis
  • 2nd William Lane, St. Matthew’s
  • 3rd Grayson Gautreaux, Mulberry; Bella, Bayou Black

General Christmas Ornaments:

  • 1st Madison Naquin, SBS; Johntay Clough, Dularge
  • 2nd Finn Tuttle, St. Francis; Gabrielle Verdin, Montegut Middle
  • 3rd Grayson, CCA; Gianna Fonseca, SBS

Junior Division (7th-8th grade)

Paint Brush Ornaments:

  • 1st Kali Ledet, HJH

General Christmas Ornaments:

  • 1st Caroline Stacom, HC
  • 2nd Lexi Callais, HJH
  • 3rd Angelina Verdin, EJH

Senior Division (9th – 12th grade)

Paint Brush Ornaments:

  • 1st Tyden Eschete, THS
  • 2nd Cierra Richoux, STHS

General Christmas Ornaments:

  • 1st Makayla Rhodes, Terrebonne Homeschool
  • 2nd Luke Landry, THS
  • 3rd Abigail Verdin, STHS
  • Overall Grand Champion: Charley Moss, St. Francis
  • Overall Reserve Grand Champion: Madison Naquin, St. Bernadette

Layers of Love

Terrebonne 4-H members are encouraged to continue to make a positive change in our community by participating in our “4-H Layers of Love” drive.

We are asking 4-H members to make a fleece blanket to donate to people in need within our community. 4-H members can complete a blanket as a club or with a group of friends or as a family project!

lick on the following link to find the instructions and a list of supplies to make these “no-sew” blankets- https://cutesycrafts.com/2018/10/how-to-make-a-tie-blanket-from-fleece.html.

Please do not add embellishments such as buttons, glitter, beads, or sequence. Iron-on’s and embroidery are OK.

Tags: Roll up the blanket and attach a tag with a ribbon or other material. Please do not use safety pins to attach the tag. Your tag should have a nice friendly message with your school name and 4-H emblem.

New Blankets only, please.

Blankets are due to the 4-H office by January 22, 2024.

Livestock Exhibitors

Mark your calendar for the Terrebonne Parish Livestock Show!

When: January 20, 2024

Where: Assumption Parish Ag Complex (119 Robin Street, Napoleonville)

We invite our 4-H members and families to come out to support our cattle, sheep, goat, pig, rabbit, and poultry exhibitors on January 20, 2024. Concessions will be sold.

Meeting Lesson Topic- Public Speaking

Public Speaking & Demonstrations

Not a fan of public speaking, no matter the audience? Chances are you have already faced a public speaking situation – a speech at school, a 4-H club demonstration, a job or project interview, or even just sharing your opinion in front of a group of your friends. Did the experience send you running scared, or did you face the experience head-on? The truth is you WILL continue experiencing public speaking situations throughout your life. Therefore, it is important to remember these things:

  • Communication is an essential skill for success in any field.
  • Communication includes speaking and listening.
  • Practice makes perfect!

Photography Contest Results

Great job to all who participated in the first photography contest this year. Congratulations to the following 4-H members!

Best of show picture go to: Alex Danos from Houma Junior High 4-H with his Landscape picture.

Landscapes 4th – 6th Grade

  • 1st Gianna Fonseca, SBS
  • 2nd Nova LeBlanc, Lisa Park
  • 3rd Landon Garibotte, Mulberry

Landscapes 7th – 8th Grade

  • 1st Alex Danos, HJH
  • 2nd Lexi Callais, HJH

Landscapes 9th – 12th Grade

  • 1st Mirrae Faul, THS
  • 2nd Owen Theriot, HC
  • 3rd Sara Zeng, HC


4th-6th Grade

  • 1st Madison Naquin, SBS
  • 2nd Raymond, VE
  • 3rd Alivia Boudreaux, Homeschool

7th – 8th Grade

  • 1st Cullen Schulte, HC
  • 2nd Corrin McElroy, LMS
  • 3rd Forrest Ellsworth, HJH

Buildings 4th – 6th Grade

  • 1st Cali Schulte, Mulberry

People 4th – 6th Grade

  • 1st Landon Gautreaux, Mulberry
  • 2nd Joshua Crispino, Mulberry
  • 3rd Lily LeBoeuf, SBS

People 9th -12th Grade

  • 1st Mallory Hawthorne, THS
  • 2nd Cierra Richoux, STHS

Animals/Birds 4th – 6th Grade

  • 1st Victoria Rhodes, Homeschool
  • 2nd Montgomery Blanchard, Homeschool
  • 3rd Hadley Theriot, CCA

Animals/Birds 7th – 8th Grade

  • 1st Kali Ledet, HJH
  • 2nd Caroline Stacom, HC
  • 3rd Sage Charles, HJH

Scholarships and Honor Cords

Honor cords and scholarships are awarded to those members who have exceptional 4-H participation on the parish and regional/state level. Seniors who are interested in applying for 4-H honor cords and/or scholarships should contact Mrs. Cherie no later than January 19, 2024.

Terrebonne 4-H Week Review

We LOVED seeing all the ways you promoted 4-H during 4-H Week! It was great to see our community promote 4-H by participating in one if not all of the following:4-H displays, wearing green, participating in the Clover Hunt, or conducting a service!

Results of our school 4-H Display Contest:

  • 1st Place: Lisa Park Elementary
  • 2nd Place: Terrebonne Homeschool
  • 3rd Place:Mulberry Elementary

Thanks to the following schools for also participating: CCA, HJH, CBB, SBS, and St. Gregory.

Home Displays:

Thanks to the following 4-H members who promoted 4-H with a home display: Charleigh Arsenaux (Bourg Elementary), Jack White (HC), Evan Williams (Mulberry), Cali Schulte (Mulberry), Landon Garibotte (Mulberry), Grayson Gautreaux (Mulberry), Landon Gautreaux (Mulberry), Makayla Rhodes (Terrebonne Homeschool), Victoria Rhodes (Homeschool), Madison Naquin (SBS), Gianna Eschete (SBS).

4-H Week Videos:

A special thanks to the following members for creating videos to promote 4-H during 4-H Week: John Ross Manno (Mulberry), Landon Gautreaux (Mulberry), Luke Landry (THS), Mirrae Faul (THS), and Victoria Rhodes (Terrebonne Homeschool).

4-H Week Spirit Contest Results:

Leaders, you all did an outstanding job! Clubs will be recognized at Achievement Day with a banner.

  • 1st Place: Mulberry Elementary
  • 2nd Place: St. Gregory
  • 3rd Place: Terrebonne Homeschool

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