Terpene Glycosides as natural Solubilizers

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One of our LSU AgCenter scientists has developed an innovative technology to address the challenge of pharmaceutical and bioactive substances that struggle to dissolve in water. All human, animal, and plant systems are aqueous. This issue is particularly evident with anti-cancer agents. By exploring methods to enhance the solubility of natural compounds, we have the potential to significantly improve their effectiveness when administered orally or through water-soluble injections.

An excellent example of this is the utilization of glycosides derived from Chinese sweet leaf tea, which possess the unique ability to enhance solubility in water solutions. Additionally, our researchers have identified new, natural compounds such as rubusoside, mogroside, and paeoniflorin, which exhibit enhanced solubility properties. These compounds offer a promising alternative to commonly used substances like cyclodextrins and polyethylene glycol. Leveraging the solubility-enhancing characteristics of these natural compounds opens up exciting prospects for drug delivery and therapeutic efficacy.


  • Enhancing the absorption of lipophilic compounds through the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Improving the effectiveness of anti-angiogenic agents.
  • Increasing the solubility of natural compounds, such as nutritional ingredients.
  • Generally regarded as safe and creating 100% natural formulation.

Commercial Uses:

  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Nutritional ingredients
  • Nutraceutical supplements

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