Whole Stalk Planter Billet Adapter



Our LSU AgCenter scientists have designed a revolutionary adapter to help farmers overcome the high capital equipment expenses of sugarcane planting. Many farmers still rely on whole stalk planters to plant sugar cane, whereas billet planting has become the preferred method. This adapter is specifically designed for whole stalk mechanical planters and allows for modification of existing whole stalk planters into billet planters more cheaply than purchasing an entirely new machine. In addition, it allows both dipped and non-dipped billets to be planted with ease. We are excited about this cost-effective opportunity to upgrade equipment and improve yields.


  • Cost effective.
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved planting method

Commercial Uses:

  • Agriculture
  • Equipment modification
  • Cost-effective equipment upgrade

Whole Stalk Planter Billet Adapter Technical Summary PDF

9/8/2023 6:06:18 PM
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