Oyster Flavor Powder

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Our LSU AgCenter scientists have created a new oyster powder made with Gulf Coast Wild Caught Oysters. As the essential foundation of great food, flavor is everything, and our savory oyster powder has the potential to be the perfect solution for a variety of culinary applications such as soups. This fine, light cream-colored water-soluble powder is ideal for use in savory and snack segments. One of the key benefits of our oyster powder is that it is made using undersized oyster meat and oyster processing water that would otherwise go to waste, reducing food waste and promoting sustainability. Our non-synthetic oyster powder contains essential micro-nutrients that offer health benefits. Plus, it is shelf-stable, making it a versatile and convenient ingredient.


  • Natural
  • Superior nutritional profile, with enhanced amino acids
  • Enhanced value of the oyster production waste stream

Commercial Uses:

  • Savory and snacks food
  • Sustainability and food waste reduction

Oyster Flavor Powder Technical Summary PDF

9/11/2023 5:58:27 PM
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